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Is it Time to ReCharge Employee Morale?

Many of you know about our bestselling programs with Sam Glenn. Sam and his team have offered friends of Enterprise Media a 10% discount on this conference... the details are below!  Here's some information on his "Lead to Engage" event in November:

Great leaders understand that teamwork makes the dream work.  They work hard to get the best results from employees, despite budget cuts or pressured demands.  They rely heavenly on engaged employees.  Employees who love what they do, give their best everyday.  Their best attitude and efforts show up in how they treat customers, connect with co-workers, get sales, solve problems, do more with less, lead others and achieve productive results.  These employees are called "engaged".  Leaders who value employee engagement understand it is a key necessity to organizational  success.  The National Employee Engagement Conference is a customized event for leaders who want to create a more engaged and productive culture, learn the latest strategies for taking engagement to the next level and network with others in leadership roles.

You are invited to join Sam and his team this November 7/8 in Chicago for a year end event.  We planned this event to be year end, so you could use any budgets you have left over.  We also planned for this event to be wrapped up on Friday so you could enjoy Chicago before the holiday seasons. 

We encourage you to register early, as seating for this event will be limited and once it is sold out, you will have to wait till next year's conference.


Sam and his team are offering Enterprise Media customers and friends a 10% discount on this conference.  To get the discount, you'll need to call to register (and tell them that you'd like the Enterprise Media 10% discount).  The number is: (866) 818-9675

Learn more about this event at

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Customer Service - When Disaster Hits

This is an amazing story of customer service.  It's from Hancock Bank.  When Hurricane Katrina hit, many people were left with literally nothing.  But Hancock Bank decided to do something about this.  They took a look at their core mission - which was to servce the community.  Without power, the ATM's didn't work, so the Hancock Bank team let anyone take out up to $200 cash - with only a signed IOU. 

As you'll hear in this clip, their faith in their commuinity paid off - most of the IOU's were paid back and new customers flocked to Hancock Bank. 


Resilience: Hancock Bank Story from PopTech on Vimeo.

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Office Update Boston Explosion

Boston FlagTo our friends and customers.

Thank you for your calls and good wishes.  We are all well here.  We do plan on being open tomorrow unless the authorities ask us to close the office.

Our thoughts and payers are with those who have been injured and the families of those who were killed in these horrible explosions.

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Seven Ideas For Great Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence


As you know, I think customer service is one of the key strategic advantages for any organization.  Great service makes your company memorable.  Customers come back and they tell others about you. 

Here are seven ideas for delivering great customer service:

1. Greetings Matter

When a customer first meets you - in person or on the phone it so important.  It "sets the stage" for everything that follows.  You need to make the customer feel welcome. 

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

You know when you walk into a store if the people working there are happy to see you or if they're just waiting until the clock runs out.  Your attitude matters!  It affects customers.  It can affect your coworkers as well.  If you want some ideas on how to have a positive attitude, check out the free previews of "The Happiness Advantage" or "Fish" on our website.

3. Listen

It's really important to listen to your customer.  What do they need?  If they have a problem, you should carefully listen to them and repeat their story back so they know you've heard their concerns.  Listening is one of the skills that will really help you at work.  And listening is a skill that helps you in other ways - with sales, and interaction with your associates at work. 

4. Pay Attention to Your People

When you think of great service, which organizations come to mind?  Probably companies like Zappos, The Container Store, Wegman's and others are close to the top of the list.  These organizations all have one thing in common:  They pay attention to their employees. As Herb Kelleher from Southwest Airlines says, "We pay attention to our employees first.  They'll take care of the customer and then, the shareholders will be happy." 

5. Training

OK, I know this suggestion is a little self-serving, but training does matter.  You should use training so your team understands the importance of service - and what good service looks like.  In addition, it's important to reinforce this message on a regular basis so everyone in your organization maintains the highest level of service. People get tired... they forget about customer service as they do their job day after day... and then your service suffers.  So reinforce the customer service message on a regular basis.

6. Little Things Mean a Lot

I know that I love it when a store remembers my name or recalls something that I like.  I think the little things matter with customers.  These small things show that you care about them. And, as a result the customer wants to keep coming back. It's also great if you can connect to the customer by mentioning something that they've told you in the past.  Perhaps about their family or a significant event.

7. Saying "Thank You" Matters

Finally, you should thank your customer.  Remember, they often have lots of choices where they can get the same service.  So if they have decided to come to you and your organization be sure to thank them for coming!  Invite them back!  And be sure to stay in touch with them.

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Four Ideas (in Addition to Training) That You Can Use to Reduce Sexual Harassment Incidents in the Workplace

As you know, sexual harassment claims and actions can be a very serious issue that can cause problems for you and your organization, ranging from lawsuits and monetary damages to reduced employee morale.

The first and most important step to reduce the possibility of sexual harassment incidents in your organization is training.  In fact, it is absolutely critical for you to conduct sexual harassment training in the workplace regularly to ensure that every employee understands what sexual harassment is and that your organization takes this issue seriously.

But, I also think that there are several other things that you can do to help create an environment where sexual harassment claims are less likely.  Here are four ideas:

Build Respect: At its core, sexual harassment shows profound disrespect of a work colleague.  That's why a training program that builds respect in the workplace can also reduce sexual harassment.  This kind of training also helps with a variety of issues that range from diversity to bullying, and even to building teams successfully.

Keep the Organization Focused on the Mission:  Offices can be swept up with issues ranging from disrespect to harassment to gossip.  One way to reduce these issues is to keep the organization focused on your mission. That doesn't mean that social interaction shouldn't happen, but when the conversation turns negative and personal, then you can shift it back to the work at hand.  That sends a signal that disrespect and gossip won't be tolerated.

Point Out Bad Behavior: When you see someone acting disrespectfully, then you need to let the person know that his or her behavior is inappropriate.  Often, it is best for you to follow up with the offender in person.  When you follow up, you should be specific:  mention what they said or did.  Explain why their comment or action was not appropriate.    Be specific, and focus on the content of their comments and why their comments were inconsistent with your organization's policies.  Then, if possible, see if you can catch them doing something right - and comment and compliment them on that as well.

Focus on Professionalism.  I remember a colleague asking me this question, "Would you write (or say) that if you knew it were going to be printed in the New York Times?"  I think this is a good question for every employee.  If your behavior were on CNN or in print in the newspaper, would you do it?  If the answer is no, then don't do it.  Professionalism is key to creating a workplace that is free of harassment.  Professionalism doesn't mean you can't have fun.  It is appropriate to celebrate when you've reached a goal or a colleague is celebrating a birthday.  But professionalism implies that people think before they act; and that action can have consequences. 

Sexual Harassment, like other issues of bullying and disrespect can be debilitating to an organization.  Your associates become discouraged and unhappy, and their productivity will drop.  In addition, good people may become so discouraged that they will leave your organization.  That's one of the biggest reasons why it's important to train on these issues.

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