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A customer service story...

Sometimes you don’t know why you shop at one company over another. In my case, I shopped at Herb Chambers dealership (here in Boston) but never really thought about why I liked to shop there over other dealerships. Then I came across an article about the philosophy that Herb Chambers brings into his dealerships. I was curious. The article spoke about Herb Chambers and his commitment to the customer. Here are just a few highlights that I want to share with you.

Herb Chambers got his start in the photocopy business, first as a technician and later as a leader of its #1 sales team. He later started his own company selling and servicing copiers. He built a very successful business called A-Copy by focusing on fast turnaround and good service. After many years of growing A-Copy into a big and successful multi state organization, Herb sold the company.

Any other person might be ready to retire after building one successful business, but Herb wanted to do more... and so he turned to something he had loved since he was a child... cars.

While he always had a love of cars, he never liked the experience shopping for a car. So, when he started his first dealership, he decided he wanted to change the customer experience to something he would like more. He wanted to make the experience pleasant - even fun for customers. He wanted every customer to be treated the way he wanted to be treated... So what did he do?

First, he invested a lot of money on training. All the associates in his company received intense customer service training. They also got regular refresher sessions.

But training is only the beginning. Herb also worried about the corporate culture. He strived to build an organization where people liked coming to work.

Corporate culture can be tough. You have to pay attention to the big stuff and the small stuff... Herb he is obsessed with the small stuff. For example, he wants to make sure that the rest rooms for the maintenance staff are as clean as the customer bathrooms. Why? Because he says that it’s all about employee morale and motivation. "If they don’t have good morale, then they may not fix the cars right."

Now I know why I shop at the Herb Chamber dealerships. Here are at least a few reasons why I remain loyal:

1) When I walk into the dealership, they don’t attack me. They are polite and helpful and not pushy. They are patient with my questions and treat me like an adult. Imagine that!

2) When I bring my car in for service, they are speedy and polite. They greet you when you pull in and whoosh your car away. You go right to the repair consultant and they are helpful and informative. Again, it is seamless and friendly.

3) When Herb was starting his career, he took a Dale Carnegie course so he could improve his confidence when selling. Today, he believes that the real key to successful sales is simply being nice to people. I think that this message is what it is all about. Isn’t that what we all want? For people to be nice and respectful?

4) You know that Herb Chambers has committed and motivated associates when you come into the dealership. It shows in the way they interact with you. And as a result, I want to go back.

Now that is a strategy that anyone can use! I know as a customer, I really appreciate it!


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