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Articles - New Sale - More Bingo

We are in week three of the Bingo game and I hope to hear some people calling "BINGO" soon! In the meantime, I came across an article on linked-in that inspired me to pull together a short list of articles aimed at the importance of human resources and training during a recession. If you have seen any others that should be added to the list, please let me know.

Managing HR in a Recession: Part I

Five Steps to Thrive in a Recession

Control HR Performance in a Recession to Make It through the Crisis

Managing HR During a Recession

10 Key Tips for Recession Proofing your HR Department

In other exciting news - we are starting a new recession busting idea. From now until the end of March (and we’re just testing this out, so if you like it we’ll continue with it in some fashion) we are discounting our online streaming option. Full length videos will be $149 for one day of unlimited views and meetings openers will be $79 for one day of unlimited views.

The videos that are available for online streaming are:

America 3
Customer Service to the Rescue
In Search of Excellence
In Search of Excellence - Disney Segment
It’s Showtime!
Leadership Alliance with Tom Peters
Life is good...and work can be too
Muppets - Let’s Have the Dam Break
Muppets - Sell Sell Sell
Muppets - The BIG Plan
Muppets - The Sky’s The Limit
Muppets - What’s This Meeting All About
Muppets - Win Win Win
Passion for Customers with Tom Peters
Sell! 25 Essentials on Selling with Tom Peters
Service Heroes
Service with Soul with Tom Peters
Six Steps to Greatness
Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter
Who Says We Can’t Do It? with Lance Armstrong

Please let me know if you have any great employee training or employee motivation ideas! We are trying to keep things as low cost as possible (or free) - so if you have a way, we’d love to hear it and pass it on. Plus - if we post your idea in our blog, you can have FREE overnight shipping on your next order.

This weeks BINGO number: B3

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