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Attitude Really Does Matter!

Sunset on Cape Cod

As I think you’ve read, we recently launched three new programs with Sam Glenn. Sam is very funny and he believes that people can benefit from a positive attitude and outlook.

Maybe it is because I edited Sam’s three programs and heard his speeches so many times in the process, but I realize that his message is really on target. And that realization was reinforced for me when I went away over the Memorial Day weekend.

I was down on Cape Cod (or as we call it, "The Cape"). It was so wonderful to be down there. The houses seemed to be freshly painted, the stores had fun new stuff, and people seemed to be in a jolly mood. I had a wonderful weekend... All of this got me thinking:

I realize that at the beginning of the summer, the store and restaurant owners and employees are really excited to see their customers. The winter on The Cape is very quiet, and I suspect that everyone is very glad to welcome the influx of people and see new (and familiar) faces. Their positive, welcoming attitude is infectious! I felt great as I wandered through the stores. (On the negative side, often by the end of the summer, the same people can become exhausted. The summer is very busy. They’re working long hours, often six or seven days a week. And sometimes, they can be less friendly or even downright cranky by late August... It can be a bummer.)

I also noticed that all my friends seemed to be more positive and jolly. I know Bostonians have a reputation for being reserved. But when everyone was on the Cape over the long weekend, they seemed to be downright giddy. Why is this the case? Maybe people are happy to get away from the pressures of home and work. Maybe they’re glad that the weather is nice and the sun is shining. Maybe they feel more relaxed and positive. It’s probably a bit of everything. But it does make a difference.

So that raises the question, how can we develop and keep a positive attitude all of the time? How can we spread that positivity? Well, it does take practice (and some times a lot of practice) and it also helps when you laugh a lot

All of this brings me back to Sam Glenn. I think he has a lot of great ideas. He’s also really funny. If you want to see his videos (and get a good dose of laughter), then go the Sam Glenn Series page on our website. You’ll laugh and it might just give you a good kick in the attitude, too.

Or you can come visit Cape Cod in the early summer. That would be fun, too! So no matter what you are doing be sure to HAVE FUN!

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