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Business Success and The Basics

I have been hard at work editing a series of video "Success Tips" from Tom Peters (more on that in a later post). These video clips cover everything from strategy to service to personal development, and one thing has struck me: So much of what Tom has uncovered in his years of research and analysis boils down to very basic ideas.

For example, Tom speaks about the power of communicating all the time (that includes MBWA - Managing By Wandering Around - and Listening). He also speaks about the importance of experimentation and willingness to learn from mistakes. He tells people not to get trapped by "best practices." He loves the power of thanking, apologizing when things go wrong, and simple courtesy.

I know, this is so basic, but it is also really great advice. We all need to be reminded about the power of apologizing. We all can learn more from our colleagues, if we only listen. In a way, Tom’s simple message reminds me of something that a friend told me. He said that he went to a speech by Miss Manners (Judith Martin). In the speech, she was asked about discrimination and sexual harassment in the office as well as nasty office politics. As I understand it, her reply was that if people tried to be more courteous to each other and more considerate of each other - that if they had better manners - then many of these costly and demoralizing office issues would go away. I’m not sure if she is totally right, but it sure does seem to make sense.

So, I think both Tom and Judith Martin are right. Perhaps one of the key ideas of success does boil down to common sense and manners. Maybe a lot of success comes from simple courtesy, thanking, listening, apologizing, showing, up, and smiling.

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