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Loving "Love Your Customers"

John O’Hurley with violin from Love Your Customers

We just received a review from Training Media Review on our new John O’Hurley program, "Love Your Customers" and "Love Your Difficult Customers." It’s a thoughtful review - and could be helpful! The review ends with this recommendation:

Love Your Customers and Love Your Difficult Customers are good investments for a customer service basics program. They cover the classic customer service principles humorously, yet straightforwardly. It is fortunate for customer service managers and training directors that both are high-quality programs. Be sure to add them to your list of academy award nominees. You will definitely "feel the love" of customer service dedication in these selections.

You can read the entire review at Training Media Review’s Website.

Posted under Customer Service, John O’Hurley, Product Reviews and Articles by Stewart on Apr 04, 2008 | Comments: 1 | Post a comment» X

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