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15 Reasons You Should try Trainflix®: THE Online Training Library

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  1. One Low Price:   Whether you purchase the "basic" package which offers over 350 programs for $16.50 per employee per month (annual plan) or the "Complete" package which offers over 1,800 programs for $24.95 per employee per month (annual plan option)  Trainflix® has an answer for you.
  2. Hundreds of Courses:   You can choose from over 1,800 courses. 
  3. Unlimited Access:   Each employee will have unlimited access to all the programs on Trainflix®.
  4. Watch from Anywhere:   With Trainflix® you can access programs from your desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet using our iOS and Android applications.  Start the course on your laptop and finish on your phone!
  5. FREE One Week Trial:   You and two of your colleagues can try out Trainflix®. for free.  Sign up - there's no credit card required.
  6. Improve Customer Service:   Motivate each member of your team and improve their customer service skills – in person, on the phone or via email.  It's all available to you on Trainflix®.
  7. Improve Communication:  Learn how to communicate more effectively.   With the programs on Trainflix® you'll improve listening skills and learn how to delegate and make meetings more efficient, productive and effective.
  8. Develop Skills:  Whether you are a manager, supervisor or an employee who is seeking to improve your skills, Trainflix® has a video to meet your needs. You can learn new selling skills or gain insights into self-improvement and personal productivity.  You can find out how your team can perform better or learn how to deal with organizational change.  It's all available to you – immediately on demand. 
  9. Find Solutions for Workplace Problems: Do you have to deal with a problem employee?  Do you need to discuss a delicate topic like an employee's attitude, tardiness or personal hygiene?  You'll find programs to help you deal with all these issues plus many more on Trainflix®.
  10. Motivate Your Team:  You can motivate your team to higher levels of success with our motivational videos.  See how Sam Glenn can give your team a "Kick in the Attitude" or make the office more positive and productive with "The Happiness Advantage." 
  11. Learn From the Best: Trainflix® has some of the world's leading experts.  You can learn from "In Search of Excellence" co-authors Tom Peters and Bob Waterman, Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter, or best-selling authors Shawn Achor, Lou Holtz, Dewitt Jones, Jennifer James, Morris Massey, Loretta Laroche, Laura Goodrich, Joel Barker, Paul Timm and many more.  All these experts are available to you at any time!    
  12. Energize your Meetings:  Do you need to sparkle up a meeting?  Try the Muppet Meeting Films, The Barkles and many others! Make any meeting more fun and exciting.  All these are available to you on Trainflix®.  
  13. Learn How to Comply with Government Regulations:  Whether you're trying to meet standards for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or trying to reduce sexual harassment claims, you can find programs that will help everyone in your organization.  
  14. Healthcare: If you're looking for specific programs that contain healthcare training for customer service, safety and patient care we have it on Trainflix®.  
  15. Safety: If you are looking for compliance programs with safety instructions we have them! Keep your staff and your workplace safe.

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Reflections on 2012

Worlet of top training videos and DVDs for 2012

One of the fun things that we get to do when we start a new year is we take some time to reflect on the past year.  We ask ourselves a variety of questions: What programs have been most popular with our customers?  What does it indicate about the workplace today and what managers and HR professionals are seeking?  What are our customers telling us about the future? 

A few years ago, many of our customers were looking for programs on change as they tried to navigate the slow economy.  I think with the improving economy we've seen a shift towards programs that motivate and energize a workforce.  Of course, customer service remains a popular topic for all organizations.  We've also seen an increasing interest in programs that help organizations deal with the many generations who are in the workforce simultaneously. 

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular programs for 2012

The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor is our most popular program.  Shawn Achor has taken his years of research in positive psychology to the world of work.  In essence, his message is this: You can increase your performance and productivity by every measure with a positive mindset... and there are simple tools to help you improve your mindset.  All of this will help your organization.  If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Fish and Fish for Leaders:  The Fish Philosophy programs remains some of the bestselling programs worldwide.  I think part of the reason for the popularity of these programs is that on the surface, a fish market seems an unlikely place to find fun, positivity, creativity, and excellence.  But, when you watch the Fish programs, you see all of these ideas present at the Pike's Place Fish Market - and the lessons are truly universal.  If you'd like to preview this program, click here.  

Ben Zander's "Leadership: An Art of Possibility" and "Attitude: Radiating Possibility" remain very popular.  Benjamin Zander is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and uses music to inspire people to be their best. If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Morris Massey has a totally unique, funny, and irreverent way to communicate about generational differences.  His programs have been popular for decades. If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Sam Glenn Series:  Sam Glenn is hysterical.  He's an artist and motivational speaker.  And his message about attitude, change and... well, lizards are very popular with our customers. If you'd like to preview this program, click here

Beyond Words for Healthcare:  Body language means a lot - particularly in the world of healthcare delivery.  This program (part of a series on body language) has been our top healthcare title for the year If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Harassment: A New Look - the issue of Harassment is one that is constantly in demand.  The "A New Look" series has become one of our best sellers as it provides excellent suggestions for employees and managers on everything from sexual harassment to bullying. If you'd like to preview this program, click here

So what about 2013?  We see an exciting year ahead as we work to deliver more programs to you - at a range or pricing.  You'll see more titles under $200 (we've added this category as a "Topic" in our website) and also new releases from Enterprise Media and from other producers. 

Also, stay tuned for some hysterical meeting videos!

We look forward to an exciting 2013 with all of you and are always grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for being our customers!

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A note from Morris Massey

I wanted to tell you about a book that Morris Massey recommended to us. (As many of you know, Morris has spoken for many years on issues of generational differences. He is funny and irreverent with a following that spans generations). Here is a note from Morris:

"Every now and then, it is with enthusiasm that I am able to recommend the work of respected colleagues. Dr. Joanne G. Sujansky and Dr. Jan Ferri-Reed are the authors of the book, "Keeping the Millennials: Why Companies Are Losing Billions In Turnover To This Generation And What To Do About It".

Everyone talks about the Millennials or Generation Y as if they are some new breed of young adults we’ve never seen before. But really they’re not so different....

Let’s look closer at this generation, from the characteristics below, can you identify, Boomer or Millennial?

  • Expect work to be fulfilling on many levels, not just to draw a paycheck
  • Share music with their peers
  • Put technology to practice
  • Have experienced significant emotional events, both personally and historically, to shape their generation
  • Always look to make the world a better place

Call them Boomers, Hippies, or Generation of Free Love.... They lived through major technology advances (TV, Polaroids), the birth of rock and roll and sharing music on 8-tracks or records (all new at the time!), the first generation to deal with divorce as a norm, drafts, war, Peace Corps...

Both generations expect their work to be fulfilling and rewarding; whether it be napster or cassette tapes, they share music; whether it be learning television and Polaroid or BlackBerry and social media, they adapt and embrace technology; they are shaped by events such as losing loved ones and witnessing 9/11 and the Vietnam War; they volunteer to improve the world around them be it in city soup kitchens or the Peace Corps.

In Their book, "KEEPING THE MILLENNIALS: Why Companies Are Losing Billions in Turnover to This Generation-And What to Do about It" (Wiley; June 2009) Drs Sujansky and Ferri-Reed explain that we’re not all that different! They provide organizations with the know-how to reduce turnover, get maximum productivity from current staff and maintain the best employee base possible, thereby avoiding turnover costs that range from 50 to 150 percent of an employee’s salary. And finally how to turn conflict into collaboration, productivity and business success.

Seasoned consultants and Boomer mothers of Millennials they know first hand what it takes to STOP THE TURNOVER and CULTIVATE this next generation of super stars!

Go to Place your order with your favorite book seller. Then go back to the site and fill in the box for "Step Number 2". You will be e-mailed links to several gifts, one of which is from me! The bonus gifts include several e-books, white papers, videos and an MP3 from various esteemed knowledge leaders.


Thanks Morris! As a special bonus, if you mention this blog you can get $150.00 off the purchase of Morris’ best-selling training video "What You Are Is Where You Were When...Again" which features Morris discussing his theories and views on generational conflicts from Boomers to Gen Y’ers. Click Here to review the program.

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Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer!