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NEW RELEASE: Your Words Matter: Navigating the Hazards of Social Media, Texts, Emails and more!

Your Words Matter Training Video on Electronic Communications

I love electronic communications! Emails, text messages, social media are all easy, convenient, and often a lot of fun.  These messages allow me to have more contact with customers, vendors, friends, and family. 

At the same time, I worry about this.  I often ask myself, “Am I saying something that might be misinterpreted? What if my messages become public? If a major news outlet published what I said, would it reflect poorly on me professionally or on my company?”  I try to think of this when I’m sending my messages.  And I talk about this with everyone I know both at work and socially.   

Every day in the news, it seems that someone has gotten into hot water because of something they said on Facebook, Twitter, or in an email.  People seem to forget that their words matter.

That’s why we created a new program called (not surprisingly) “Your Words Matter.” 

In this new program, we look at electronic communications. Through dramatic vignettes, we explore some of the things that can go wrong and provide some practical advice for avoiding these pitfalls.  Here’s a trailer that shows what this program is all about:

If you’d like to see the complete preview, you can visit our website:

Click here to preview the entire program or buy the DVD.

 Click here to stream or download "Your Words Matter".

 Click here to subscribe to Enterprise Media's entire training video library.


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Thoughts on Fortune Magazine's "100 Best Companies To Work For"

I love the annual Fortune Magazine issue that celebrates the "100 Best Companies To Work For." I always learn new ideas about excellence, service, leadership, and success when I read the article. Year in and year out, I find that there are a few enduring lessons that emerge from these companies... Here are some:

1) Great customer service starts with motivated and positive employees. You simply can’t have excellent customer service if your employees feel disempowered and discouraged. Moreover, it is very difficult to deliver consistent service when you have a high turnover rate. As Herb Kelleher used to say, "Pay attention to your people and the customers will be happy... and ultimately the shareholders will benefit."

2) These companies all work hard at internal communication. One of the critical components of a "Best Company To Work For" is communication. Senior leadership knows this and works hard at it.

3) Listening is a critical skill for leadership. The corollary to communication is listening. This skill is critical for successful leaders, managers, and supervisors. Listening is a skill that can be developed and improved and all of these organizations work on listening skills.

4) The Leaders at these companies seem to understand that it’s not all about them. These days we seem to be barraged by leaders who receive huge bonuses. Some leaders seem to feel that they are the only people that count. At the best companies, the opposite is true. Leaders know that it is the success of the entire organization that matters. These leaders are for the most part more responsive, engaged, and more humble.

5) Low turnover, loyal employees, and an open organization are good for the bottom line, which is why these companies are so successful. Even in a tough economic environment they are able to outperform their competitors. How? The investment in their people pays off in higher productivity, willingness to work on creative solutions, and commitment.

As many of you know, we have filmed at a number of these companies over the years, profiling different aspects of excellence. You can learn about the success strategies at The Container Store and Deloitte in the program Re-imagine. USAA and Whole Foods Market are featured in The Excellence Files. Tom Peters speaks about Deloitte, Stew Leonard’s, FedEx and others in a number of his programs. And yes, it is still all about the people!

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Great way to say "Thank You" and our raffle WINNER!

Recently, Amy noticed this... well, fabulous e-mail that was sent out from a company that distributes CD’s of independent music groups. The company is called CD Baby and here is their e-mail:

Thank You Note form CD Baby

So this fun and fantastic note got me thinking.

1) If you can show appreciation to your customers and give them a chuckle at the same time, then that is something worth doing.

2) In these (frankly depressing) times, it is great to pass on some good will and cheer.

3) At the core, this message says it all. It says, "we value you as a customer!" I know the e-mail is over the top, but the sentiment comes across. And it is so important to tell customers that we value them...

And so, here is our message. We REALLY value you... our customers. In many cases, you are our friends and fellow travelers on this journey called business (and, for that matter, life). I think we share one overriding goal: we are all trying to make everyone’s business a little more successful and every employee’s work a little more enjoyable. And why not have fun while at work? I am not sure we say thank you enough, but I do want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Exciting News!

Our Raffle Contest has ended and we have picked a winning raffle number! Just to keep everyone up-to-date - we have been running a raffle contest. The only thing you had to do to enter was preview a program through our website (or request a raffle number). The winner will receive a FREE Enterprise Media produced training product!

The winning number is: 134544

If you have the ticket with the winning number, here’s how you can collect your prize: Call us at 1-800-423-6021 or send us an email by clicking here.

If you didn’t win...stay tuned...we’re doing more contests throughout the summer!


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A cost analysis of your training expense...errr...rather a "non numbers" discussion of how much you're spending and for what benefit?

As customers tell me all the time, training is expensive. Of course, everything is expensive these days and costs are continuing to rise! So that raises the question, can you afford to train your employees? I think the better question is this; can you afford NOT to train them?

I was sitting here at my desk in true accountant style, just having heard a customer tell me for what feels like the hundredth time this week "It’s simply not in budget for us this year". I blink in silence after I hang up. Why? Because I’m remembering the awful customer service I received from a retailer the last time I purchased a $1,200 mattress set. I won’t ever go there again. That just cost them another $1,200 sale. The average cost of a training video on customer service is $895. I put on my accountant hat and think - that seems worth it.

Putting that can you figure the average cost of training? The simple, easy, back of the envelope way is to take the cost of the training and divide that by the number of employees you are training. If a training video costs $895 and you are training 30 employees, then your cost of training per employee is $29.84. Let’s say $30 to keep it simple. Now - is that worth it? What is your average sale? If you are training employees in a grocery store - it’s certainly worth it where the average sale is more than $30.00. So...if your average sale/contract/transaction/what-have-you revenue stream comes in higher than that per person cost - you’re a winner! It makes sense! Run it by your controller or CFO - they’ll agree. If that ONE employee who sat in on the training session then walked out and completed a new sale/contract/transaction/what-have-you - you have just recouped the cost of training. You can’t afford NOT to.

Let’s get away from retail/sales/customer service though. The average cost of hiring and training a new employee to replace the one who just can’t seem to get along with the rest of the team or has poor communication skills can be in the thousands of dollars. How about the employee who was woefully unaware of how poorly his email joke would go over and your company now has a lawsuit? We all know how expensive a sexual harassment lawsuit can be.

Using videos in your training turns out to make sense. It helps your team deliver important messages in a fun and engaging manner. It can also help to inspire and motivate while you’re teaching. Simply put, video training is a very economical choice.

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Top Ten Training Programs for 2007

Our customers and distributors often ask us which programs are our bestsellers. I think this can be useful because it shows how organizations are setting their training priorities. Here is the list of our top 10 for 2007:

1) Fish! This program (which was released in 1998) provides viewers with a visit to Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle. It shows how anyone (even people who handle and sell fish) can have fun at work, deliver great service, and motivate themselves (and others) to higher levels of achievement. This program has been a worldwide bestseller for over a decade. Recently, the producer also released the complete training seminar version called "Fish! Culture," and the leadership training program, "LeaderFISH!"

2) Morris Massey’s programs remain top sellers for us year in and year out. The bestseller of all is his latest release "What You Are is Where You Were When... Again!" Funny. Irreverent. Provocative. Thought-provoking. Morris Massey is all of these and more. For over 30 years, he has explained how different generations think and how these generations can work together successfully.

3) Tom Peters remains a top seller. Our best selling programs include the classic bestseller, "In Search of Excellence" and Tom’s latest program "Re-imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age." For over 25 years, Tom Peters has been inspiring people to achieve higher levels of excellence in customer service, leadership, and innovation.

4) The Lance Armstrong Series including "Who Says We Can’t Do It? Lance Armstrong’s Journey." I think one of the reasons this program has been a bestseller is the wonderful interview with Lance’s oncology nurse, LaTrice Haney. It is very moving and motivational.

5) John Kotter’s new release "Succeeding in a Changing World" has done really well. Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author John Kotter presents examples of organizations that have changed successfully and organizations that have failed when faced with change. He also provides an overview of his eight-step process for success. This program was voted one of the top training programs of the year by Training Media Review!

6) Muppet Meeting Films. Join Kermit, Grump, Leo, Sam Eagle, and other members of the Muppet ensemble as they add pizzazz to your meetings. These humorous meeting videos are lots of fun and have been perennial bestsellers!

7) The Bob Farrell programs "Give ’em The Pickle" and "What’s Your Pickle." Bob Farrell uses personal anecdotes to tell a powerful message on customer service. His messages are enduring - and they are also fun to hear and watch.

8) "Life is good... and Work Can Be Too!" This program has done well because it shows how the employees of the apparel company "Life is good" bring enthusiasm and passion to their work.

9) "Love Your Customers" with John O’Hurley. While we have only sold this for a few months, this new release has sold very well. The DVD has two separate training programs. The first, "Love your Customers," provides a blueprint for delivering great customer service. The second, "Love Your Difficult Customers," provides a step-by-step approach for working with customers who are angry or upset. Throughout, you will laugh as John O’Hurley delivers his message in a funny and engaging manner.

10) The Customer Service Training Series (including "It’s Show Time," "Six Steps to Greatness," and "Service Heroes"). This series - led by a profile of Stew Leonard’s Dairy has been one of our top sellers for years. The programs provide concrete examples of great customer service in action!

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Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer!