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Top Training Programs in 2009

As many of you know from previous posts, our customers and distributors often ask us which programs are our bestsellers. I think this is useful to them as it shows how organizations are setting their training priorities (particularly last year, when times were challenging for so many people in business and government). Here is a list of our top 10 training Programs for 2009.

1) Fish! Culture: This program provides viewers with an in-depth year long training experience built on the successful program Fish! The program includes the original Fish! video (which features a visit to Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle). In the program, you will learn how to really embed the "Fish! Philosophy" (that includes the four elements of Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude) within your organization. The "Fish!" program has been a worldwide bestseller for over a decade.

2) Sam Glenn Series: The launch of the Sam Glenn Series has been a huge success! In particular, the two programs, "A Kick in the Attitude" and "Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna" have been best sellers. Sam is very funny and has a fantastic motivational and positive message. His new book (also called "A Kick In The Attitude") has just been released with rave reviews! Sam’s humor and "glass half full" outlook on life has been a welcome addition to our customer’s training programs.

3) Succeeding In A Changing World with John Kotter: Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author John Kotter presents examples of organizations that have changed successfully and organizations that have failed when faced with change. He also provides an overview of his eight-step process for success. This program was voted one of the top training programs by Training Media Review! With all of the change and stress that companies have faced over the past two years, John’s film has provided them with a place to start putting it all back together.

4) The Tom Peters Little BIG Things Series: Tom Peters, co-author of "In Search of Excellence," the best-selling business book of all time has just released a new video series called "The Little BIG Things." This series is a radical departure from his previous films, as it is comprised of multiple short clips of Tom’s thoughts and advice on a variety of subjects. Our customers have been overjoyed at being able to bring the wisdom of Tom Peters into their organization four minutes at a time! For over 25 years, Tom Peters has been inspiring people to achieve higher levels of excellence in customer service, leadership, and innovation. A book version of "The Little BIG Things" will be out in March!

5) Ben Zander’s two films: "Attitude: Radiating Possibility" and "Leadership: The Art Of Possibility" Ben Zander uses his experience as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra to energize people to become better leaders - and to realize their true potential. These two programs are really learning tools that provide a new language, new practices, and unique results. The "Art of Possibility" isn’t just about creating a moment in time; it’s about turning those moments into a profound and sustainable transformation. Zander’s unique humor and positive attitude has spread quickly through the organizations that included this in their training schedules.

6) Muppet Meeting Films: Join Kermit, Grump, Leo, Sam Eagle, and other members of the Muppet ensemble as they add pizzazz to your meetings. These humorous meeting videos are lots of fun and have been perennial bestsellers! January and February are typically the time of year for kick-off meetings and the Muppets have been all over it!

7) The Lance Armstrong Series including "Who Says We Can’t Do It? Lance Armstrong’s Journey." I think one of the reasons this program has been a bestseller is the wonderful interview with Lance’s oncology nurse, LaTrice Haney. It is very moving and motivational. Many organizations use this program to really rally the troops. Lance’s story can inspire any team to strive for better results and our customers have enjoyed this program very much.

8) "What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN! With Morris Massey!": Morris Massey’s programs remain top sellers for us year in and year out. The bestseller of all is "What You Are is Where You Were When... Again!" Funny. Irreverent. Provocative. Thought Provoking. Morris Massey is all of these and more. For over 30 years, he has explained how different generations think and how these different generations can work together successfully. In the past two years many organizations have had to adjust their workforce and create new teams. This program and Morris has been essential in helping their teams communicate and succeed.

9) "Harassment Is": This training program goes beyond Sexual Harassment and shows a whole variety of harassment situations. Our customers love it because it provides broad insights into the issues of harassment. More importantly, it shows how harassment of all types can negatively affect employee satisfaction and productivity. Our customers have embraced this film because it provides them with an overall training program that addresses the issues of harassment and diversity with their current staff but is also the right length for their new hires. It’s a very cost effective purchase for many organizations.

10) "Love Your Customers" with John O’Hurley. You probably know John O’Hurley fromhis appearances as J. Peterman on Seinfeld or on Family Feud. But wait till you see him in this two-part program. Part 1, "Love your Customers," provides a blueprint for delivering great customer service. The second, "Love Your Difficult Customers," provides a step-by-step approach for working with customers who are angry or upset. Throughout, you will laugh as John O’Hurley delivers his message in a funny and engaging manner. Our customers have enjoyed using this program with their staff because it does well with Gens X, Y and Z as well as the Boomers who remember when Seinfeld first aired!

We’re working on a number of really exciting new programs for 2010 - and we’ll keep you posted!

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Attitude Really Does Matter!

Sunset on Cape Cod

As I think you’ve read, we recently launched three new programs with Sam Glenn. Sam is very funny and he believes that people can benefit from a positive attitude and outlook.

Maybe it is because I edited Sam’s three programs and heard his speeches so many times in the process, but I realize that his message is really on target. And that realization was reinforced for me when I went away over the Memorial Day weekend.

I was down on Cape Cod (or as we call it, "The Cape"). It was so wonderful to be down there. The houses seemed to be freshly painted, the stores had fun new stuff, and people seemed to be in a jolly mood. I had a wonderful weekend... All of this got me thinking:

I realize that at the beginning of the summer, the store and restaurant owners and employees are really excited to see their customers. The winter on The Cape is very quiet, and I suspect that everyone is very glad to welcome the influx of people and see new (and familiar) faces. Their positive, welcoming attitude is infectious! I felt great as I wandered through the stores. (On the negative side, often by the end of the summer, the same people can become exhausted. The summer is very busy. They’re working long hours, often six or seven days a week. And sometimes, they can be less friendly or even downright cranky by late August... It can be a bummer.)

I also noticed that all my friends seemed to be more positive and jolly. I know Bostonians have a reputation for being reserved. But when everyone was on the Cape over the long weekend, they seemed to be downright giddy. Why is this the case? Maybe people are happy to get away from the pressures of home and work. Maybe they’re glad that the weather is nice and the sun is shining. Maybe they feel more relaxed and positive. It’s probably a bit of everything. But it does make a difference.

So that raises the question, how can we develop and keep a positive attitude all of the time? How can we spread that positivity? Well, it does take practice (and some times a lot of practice) and it also helps when you laugh a lot

All of this brings me back to Sam Glenn. I think he has a lot of great ideas. He’s also really funny. If you want to see his videos (and get a good dose of laughter), then go the Sam Glenn Series page on our website. You’ll laugh and it might just give you a good kick in the attitude, too.

Or you can come visit Cape Cod in the early summer. That would be fun, too! So no matter what you are doing be sure to HAVE FUN!

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New stuff at Enterprise Media

YES! It’s true! There is NEW STUFF happening at Enterprise Media! We are not letting the economy and passing tax day get us down! We are marching forward and making sure that the training world has some fresh new ideas and exciting contests!

We are getting ready to launch a new video series featuring Sam Glenn and I just watched the final cut and love it! It’s titled "Who Put A Lizard in My Lasagna" and it has great energy and will surely become a cornerstone in the training market for employee motivation and attitude. couldn’t come at a better time either. Sam has a unique ability to tell anecdotal stories that will put a smile on your face and I guarantee you’ll be laughing at his stories and many of them will conjure up some old memories from your childhood! You can see some "behind the scenes outtakes" with Sam here:

We received a lot of positive feedback about our BINGO game from many of you, so we’ve started a NEW Enterprise Media contest! Now through June 8th you can get a raffle ticket for FREE and enter to win. The first prize is any Enterprise Media produced product! We’ll also have three "second prizes," which will be any Enterprise Media produced meeting video. The drawing will be on June 13th. If you preview any program online, you get a raffle ticket automatically. You can also ask us and we’ll send you one. To get your ticket, just drop us an email at, call us at 800-423-6021 or fax us at 617-354-1637. It’s easy to play and easy to win!

Stick with us...we’ll keep you going when the stock market won’t!

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Online Ordering - Your Order is Secure. Is it?

I recently read an article that said that a significant percentage of people were nervous about purchasing anything online. So, I thought I’d do some research on online ordering and security...

Secure Socket Layer encryptions (SSL), VeriSign, SSL Certificates, TLS, access codes, username and passwords, Personal Identity Portal (PIP), PayPal, Firewalls, Fraud Protection Centers - does anything of this mean anything? Not to mention the spyware, adware, cookies and malware that can show up on your PC after you’ve made an online purchase. I confess, I was a little confused by all this terminology.

Are you up to date in your online ordering terminology? Can you really judge if a site is "secure" as opposed to "semi-secure" or "not at all secure"?

VeriSign is the quickest way to assess the security in your online order. VeriSign is the largest internet security company. You may have seen their neat icon when you visit many websites. VeriSign says that because you see their icon, you know your transactions are secure in ordering through that site. But why?

VeriSign provides companies with an SSL certificate. That SSL certificate is used to authenticate the source computer. This insures that your computer is really communicating with the right company and that your information is protected against "eavesdropping" that can be done by other computers who shouldn’t be party to your sensitive information. The SSL certificate is like a passport for your computer. It’s unique and readily identifiable by other computers in the secure transmission. Neat, huh?

Sounds secure doesn’t it! But it really secure? Your computer is communicating with another computer that has been through all these certifications and is "verified." Very official sounding - almost like dealing with a government agent, right? If someone in a fancy suit showed up on your doorstep with "papers" and "certificates" - you would listen, right?

How about TLS? TLS stands for Transport Layer Security and is the newest development in security certificates. TLS provides endpoint authentication and communications confidentiality over the Internet using cryptography (thanks Wikipedia - I could not have said it better myself). So...if VeriSign is only providing SSL and there’s a new and better TLS - is anyone providing that? Yes, they are...VeriSign does use TLS but we are all very used to seeing SSL. To the layperson, it’s the same thing. VeriSign’s white paper here explains it (and the entire process) very well:

Great - we are secure! But what if we don’t see the VeriSign icon? Are you we secure in entering our credit card information into that website? We might very well be! You can quickly tell if you are entering a secure site by looking at your browser bar. As you complete your order and are asked to provide payment and shipping information, you will notice that no matter what browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox etc) you are using, your location bar will read "https://", indicating that you’ve just entered a secure area. The change is very subtle - your browser bar wills most likely read http:// prior to entering the secure site and then you will see the addition of the "s". Internet Explorer goes one more step and provides a gold padlock icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

If in doubt at all, give the company a call to find out what security features they have in place to ensure that your information stays private. Consumer Reports also has an entire site dedicated to online security:

BINGO UPDATE: Thank you all for participating in our BINGO game. We do have a winner, so the game is officially over. But you can still win. Keep your BINGO card and use it when you next purchase or rent an Enterprise Media produced program. You’ll save $50!

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Free Webinar on Thursday

A few weeks ago we posted up a blog "What You Said About Last’s Week’s Blog Topic" and included a number of responses to what real people are doing about communication in the workplace with the various generations.

One of the responses mentioned a book called "Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How To Manager Generation Y" by Bruce Tulgan. Bruce was kind enough to send us a copy of his book and we’ll have a review shortly.

Right now though, you can participate in his free webinar through Monster this Thursday, April 2nd at 2:00pm EST.

Here is the link:

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Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer!