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Text Messaging For Work – 7 Guidelines For All Employees

Your Words Matter Training Video on Electronic Communications

Increasingly employees are using text messaging to contact coworkers, managers, customers, and vendors.  In general, there is no problem with this – texting is fast, easy and works to get quick messages across.

Recently, when I was on a video shoot. I was able to quickly handle questions and communicate a change of plans through text messages to the crew. It got the change of plans across quickly and efficiently.  So, I know it’s a huge help.  At the same time, text messaging (like e-mail and social media) can cause problems if handled incorrectly in the workplace.

Here are some guidelines that can help avoid pitfalls.  Think about these when you text customers, coworkers, and vendors:

  1. Make Sure It’s OK Before You Start:  Some people are more comfortable with texting for work than others.  Make sure it’s OK to send them a work-related text.  They may prefer an email or a call.
  2. Avoid Emoticons and Abbreviation:  Work-related text messages should be more factual and more formal. It’s safer for you and avoids confusion.
  3. Check Spelling (and watch out for AutoCorrect):  It’s not a big deal if your text has one or two typos if you’re sending it to a friend of a family member.  It can be bad for you (and your company) if it happens with a customer, boss or coworker.  So, check your messages before you hit “send”.  Don’t believe me?  Check out this fun clip from “Ellen”:
  4. Respond:  Since texting is immediate, people will want to know if you’ve received the message.  Make sure you respond to their text promptly.
  5. Think About Your Tone: Sometimes your humor or your message might be misinterpreted.  Make sure you’re clear.  Avid humor and sarcasm as it may be misinterpreted.
  6. Pause and Reread: It's always a good idea to check your text before you hit sent.  Read the text to make sure that AutoCorrect hasn't changed anything and that the tone is OK.
  7. If Your Message Is Complicated, Don’t Send A Text:  Think before you start a text message.  Is your message long or complicated?  If so, maybe a call or an email would be more appropriate.

We have a new training program that can help employees navigate texting at work. It’s called “Your Words Matter.”  This program provides practical advice on Test Messages, Social Media and emails.  There’s a free preview at our website – so you might want to check it out.



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Cool Things Worth Checking Out

I’ve been collecting articles and videos that I think you might enjoy!  Here they are!


Here’s a great article on Ben Zander:

If you ever wondered, here’s an article on Google’s hiring strategies:

Macy’s CEO benefits by visiting stores and listening to associates for custom merchandise to meet regional tastes:

More on Multitasking: If you’ve seen or previewed our training program “The Happiness Advantage,” you know what Shawn Achor thinks about multitasking.  Well here’s a cool video that explains even more! 


Here’s a fun video with Scotties that’s designed to make you smile.  I know, it has nothing to do with education and training, but we all need a laugh:

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Seven Ideas For Great Customer Service

Customer Service Excellence


As you know, I think customer service is one of the key strategic advantages for any organization.  Great service makes your company memorable.  Customers come back and they tell others about you. 

Here are seven ideas for delivering great customer service:

1. Greetings Matter

When a customer first meets you - in person or on the phone it so important.  It "sets the stage" for everything that follows.  You need to make the customer feel welcome. 

2. Keep a Positive Attitude

You know when you walk into a store if the people working there are happy to see you or if they're just waiting until the clock runs out.  Your attitude matters!  It affects customers.  It can affect your coworkers as well.  If you want some ideas on how to have a positive attitude, check out the free previews of "The Happiness Advantage" or "Fish" on our website.

3. Listen

It's really important to listen to your customer.  What do they need?  If they have a problem, you should carefully listen to them and repeat their story back so they know you've heard their concerns.  Listening is one of the skills that will really help you at work.  And listening is a skill that helps you in other ways - with sales, and interaction with your associates at work. 

4. Pay Attention to Your People

When you think of great service, which organizations come to mind?  Probably companies like Zappos, The Container Store, Wegman's and others are close to the top of the list.  These organizations all have one thing in common:  They pay attention to their employees. As Herb Kelleher from Southwest Airlines says, "We pay attention to our employees first.  They'll take care of the customer and then, the shareholders will be happy." 

5. Training

OK, I know this suggestion is a little self-serving, but training does matter.  You should use training so your team understands the importance of service - and what good service looks like.  In addition, it's important to reinforce this message on a regular basis so everyone in your organization maintains the highest level of service. People get tired... they forget about customer service as they do their job day after day... and then your service suffers.  So reinforce the customer service message on a regular basis.

6. Little Things Mean a Lot

I know that I love it when a store remembers my name or recalls something that I like.  I think the little things matter with customers.  These small things show that you care about them. And, as a result the customer wants to keep coming back. It's also great if you can connect to the customer by mentioning something that they've told you in the past.  Perhaps about their family or a significant event.

7. Saying "Thank You" Matters

Finally, you should thank your customer.  Remember, they often have lots of choices where they can get the same service.  So if they have decided to come to you and your organization be sure to thank them for coming!  Invite them back!  And be sure to stay in touch with them.

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Reflections on 2012

Worlet of top training videos and DVDs for 2012

One of the fun things that we get to do when we start a new year is we take some time to reflect on the past year.  We ask ourselves a variety of questions: What programs have been most popular with our customers?  What does it indicate about the workplace today and what managers and HR professionals are seeking?  What are our customers telling us about the future? 

A few years ago, many of our customers were looking for programs on change as they tried to navigate the slow economy.  I think with the improving economy we've seen a shift towards programs that motivate and energize a workforce.  Of course, customer service remains a popular topic for all organizations.  We've also seen an increasing interest in programs that help organizations deal with the many generations who are in the workforce simultaneously. 

Here is a sampling of some of our most popular programs for 2012

The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor is our most popular program.  Shawn Achor has taken his years of research in positive psychology to the world of work.  In essence, his message is this: You can increase your performance and productivity by every measure with a positive mindset... and there are simple tools to help you improve your mindset.  All of this will help your organization.  If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Fish and Fish for Leaders:  The Fish Philosophy programs remains some of the bestselling programs worldwide.  I think part of the reason for the popularity of these programs is that on the surface, a fish market seems an unlikely place to find fun, positivity, creativity, and excellence.  But, when you watch the Fish programs, you see all of these ideas present at the Pike's Place Fish Market - and the lessons are truly universal.  If you'd like to preview this program, click here.  

Ben Zander's "Leadership: An Art of Possibility" and "Attitude: Radiating Possibility" remain very popular.  Benjamin Zander is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and uses music to inspire people to be their best. If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Morris Massey has a totally unique, funny, and irreverent way to communicate about generational differences.  His programs have been popular for decades. If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Sam Glenn Series:  Sam Glenn is hysterical.  He's an artist and motivational speaker.  And his message about attitude, change and... well, lizards are very popular with our customers. If you'd like to preview this program, click here

Beyond Words for Healthcare:  Body language means a lot - particularly in the world of healthcare delivery.  This program (part of a series on body language) has been our top healthcare title for the year If you'd like to preview this program, click here.

Harassment: A New Look - the issue of Harassment is one that is constantly in demand.  The "A New Look" series has become one of our best sellers as it provides excellent suggestions for employees and managers on everything from sexual harassment to bullying. If you'd like to preview this program, click here

So what about 2013?  We see an exciting year ahead as we work to deliver more programs to you - at a range or pricing.  You'll see more titles under $200 (we've added this category as a "Topic" in our website) and also new releases from Enterprise Media and from other producers. 

Also, stay tuned for some hysterical meeting videos!

We look forward to an exciting 2013 with all of you and are always grateful for the opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for being our customers!

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A New Library – Adding More Great Training Programs at a Lower Price

2013 bring us exciting news!  Enterprise Media has acquired the JWA Video Library.

Many of you know about these videos produced by Jack Wilson.  Over the years, Jack has produced a number of terrific training videos covering topics like supervisory skills, sexual harassment prevention, customer service, writing skills, etiquette, and much more.  Most of these programs are priced under $200!  In fact, we've added a new "Topic" selection on our website called "Programs Under $200" to help you search for these programs. 

Here’s the complete list of Jack Wilson programs:


 50 Ways to Keep Customers

Basics of Business Etiquette

Basics of Profitable Customer Service

Basics to Improve Memory

BEAR Essentials of Business

Better Meeting Management

Communication Skills That Build Relationships

Communication Skills… What Everyone Needs to Know

Effective Performance Management

Effective Teamwork

El Poder de la Atencion al Cliente

Empowering Employees

Feedback Skills for Supervisors

The Keys to Effective Supervision

Hiring the Best

How to Achieve Ultimate Success

How to Deal with Cultural Diversity

How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

How to Get Things Done

How to Hold Successful Meetings

How to Make Winning Presentations

How to Plan Write and Give a Winning Presentation

How to Set and Achieve Goals

How to Supervise People

In an Instant Series

Listen and Win

Manage Your Time Better

Managing Conflict at Work

Negotiating for Business Results

Overcoming Stress at Work

Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

Succeed By Coaching

Succeed By Listening

Supervising the Difficult Employee

Telephone Skills at Work

The New Supervisor: Skills for Success

The Power of Attitude

The Power of Customer Service

The Write Stuff

Time Management: Get the Most out of Your Time

Use the Telephone the Right Way

Winning Customer Loyalty Volume I

Winning Customer Loyalty Volume II

Winning Telephone Tips

Writing for Business Results










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Fresh, delicious, crisp...

Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer!