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Employee motivation without breaking the budget

It’s the second week of our first Bingo Game and the response was AMAZING! Very exciting!

We apologize to anyone who had difficulty getting on our website last week. Our hosting site conducted an upgrade, which caused some technical problems.

We have had so many great comments from people about employee motivation! Here is a small list of ideas that people have suggested to motivate your employees without causing a budget crisis.

  • Encourage comments from external and internal customers. Post this praise for everyone to read and address problems immediately.
  • Remind staff how their work matters to customers and encourage positive interactions.
  • Call an employee into your office just to say thank you without discussing any other issue.
  • Write a thank you card or e-mail.
  • Post a bulletin board for employees to share news, hobbies, and recognition.
  • Reserve the best parking spot for an employee-of-the-month. Let staff decide how the spot is earned.
  • Add a note to an employee’s paycheck highlighting something great he/she did that week.
  • Join in and work with an employee who is under pressure. Ask how you can help and work side-by-side with them to complete the task.
  • Create a change of pace by giving employees a chance to work on exciting projects or learn new skills.
  • Help build skills with a training library filled with books, tapes, DVD’s and other resources that employees can check out.
  • Delegate worthy projects, not just menial tasks, to increase trust and pride with everyone
  • Create light-hearted awards that recognize something unique about each person such as, "Best Screen-Saver," or "Best Joke Teller," and present the awards at a staff meeting or lunch.
  • Ask an employee who is proficient in a certain area to train others or make a presentation at a staff meeting.

If you have any ideas about how to have more fun at work or how to motivate employees, please let us know! If you use any of these ideas, we would love to hear how they worked out. Have a great week and be sure to have fun!

This week’s Bingo Number: G53

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