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I am not sure if we are supposed to be "tooting our own horn" in a blog, but I confess it is great when we get feedback (positive and negative) from customers. I wanted to share some of the positive feedback that we’ve received recently. As Tom Peters says in one of our new videos, "The brand of a company is directly related to the quality of the talent." We are very lucky to have such a great group of talented people here... and, as you can see, many of our customers think so, too!

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve heard:

1) Thanks for the follow up. Of all the media companies we have dealt with, you have been the most customer focused. It’s greatly appreciated and encourages me to go your direction in the future. Needs are fulfilled for now. Will look back to Enterprise Media again when the need arises. Thanks again for all of the wonderful support.

HR Executive
Manufacturing Company

2) Just wanted to let you know that the DVD rental I ordered late yesterday afternoon arrived just moments ago. You saved my meeting!! And I am sincerely appreciative of your quick response to my last minute request... Thank you again. You have made this HR Director a loyal customer of Enterprise Media for life!

Senior Director,
Human Resources

3) Since I am now convinced that you are a real person and not an e-mailing robot (although that is a very marketable skill) and given that you actually wrote me back I am going to be even MORE serious about thinking of you for future training needs. I will be so bold as to say that I have added your contact information to my small but highly effective box of contacts (cleverly disguised as a box of business cards) - although I had to fill out a blank business card by hand. It’s the personal touch, I suppose. But you are worth it.

Thank you for responding!
Manager, Financial Institution

4) Thank you for the follow-up e-mail. I am very impressed with your customer service. Not only did you make my return process painless, you have continued to follow-up and make sure I am happy with the process and the products. You definitely have our future business when it comes to employee training needs/products. Again, thank you, for your efficiency and your professionalism.

Medical Organization

5) Thank you so much for your quick response and wonderful customer service. It’s refreshing after working with some of the vendors I have had to deal with.

Have a wonderful day!

Reference & Management Librarian

6) Thank you so much for the great customer service that I have received.
You have made it very easy to do business with you and you answered all my questions! I really appreciate all of the work you have done!

Non Profit

Finally, here is a great story we received a few years ago from one of our customers, Chip Bell. Here is a story he posted on his website (

Great Service Recovery Stories

We ordered a new VHS training video from Enterprise Media in Cambridge. Putting the brand new videotape in a VCR, the sound was great but the picture fuzzy. We concluded the videotape was defective. We returned it to Enterprise Media with a note of explanation. Immediately, we received a note back from one of the company owners sincerely apologizing for the problem. She also indicated a new copy was being overnighter that very day (even before receipt of the "defect"). Additionally, we were given a complimentary copy of another video in the same series. Enterprise Media turned our disdain into delight.

Postscript: When the new videotape worked perfectly in the client’s VCR, we began to wonder if we had been the problem. Since we have all moved to the DVD world, we had forgotten that many VCR machines might require adjustment of the tracking to make the picture clear. We obviously never adjusted tracking which impacts the quality of the picture.

Lessons learned from the story: Assume your customer’s explanation of the problem is fact. Respond with great urgency. Apologize, even if you suspect you might not be the source of the problem. It shows customers you are concerned about their feelings not just their issues. Offer some symbolic gesture or atonement to demonstrate your sincerity and sorrow. Follow-up to make sure your recovery solution was satisfactory to your customer. Look for ways to give customers a chance to try you again after recovery-turn an "oops" into an opportunity.

Recommendation: For all your video needs, contact I guess that is a plug for us! ;)

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