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Free training for managers and HR Managers

I have noticed that there are an awful lot of these "webinars" (podcasts, webcasts) going around and I wasn’t sure who was really using them, so I did some research... I have compiled a list of the "free" (I like how some places say "Mostly Free") but these are really free webinars that focus on training for Human Resource Professionals and Managers playing the multi-hat game that includes HR responsibilities.

Manpower - has been offering Free Webinars for five years and maintains that they are pre-approved for issuing continuing education credits through the HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute):

This site is actually not a human resource based site but has an extensive (and I do mean extensive) collection of webinars, white papers and podcasts for free on virtually any subject matter. Need to train someone on managing their wireless handhelds while in a meeting (or rather, not using their wireless handhelds in a meeting)? Send them a link!

Humanic Designs has a few interesting ones also. They are a HR / Payroll tech company. has a two webinars...hopefully they will schedule some more:

Cisco Webex (one of the major players in webinars and webcasts) hosts a variety of free webinars - the topic list is interesting and I like that you can sort by time frame:

Boston University also hosts a wide variety of topics:

Would you use one? If you have, what do you think? Do you like them? Have you recommended them to employees as any kind of continuing education? If so, does your company keep track of the training?


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