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Gens X, Y, Z?, V? and C?

A few weeks ago I came across an online discussion about motivation and communication between "The Boomers" and "Generations X and Y" and the significance of it.

I became intrigued. I am a Gen Xer myself and have integrated nicely with other Xers, Boomers, Yer’s, etc. I have read a lot of source material on generational differences and how it effects communication between different age groups. We all have access to the human resource trainers, sociologists’, psychologists’, and management guru’s reports and studies on this phenomenon. But I remained curious so I went out in search of "more."

I found that there is yet another Generation - Generation V (virtual) that exists only in virtual worlds such as "Second Life" and "World Of Warcraft". This generation may change how we market some of our products and services - for them, we’ll be marketing to people’s avatars instead of their emails. There is also a brand new generation - Generation C, which is still under debate but essentially is a generation comprised of the people who are "creating, producing and participating in news in a connected, informed society."

The interesting observation is that Gen V and Gen C are not based on when a person was born, but rather on their online habits. So, are they really considered new "generations?" Also, are the overall generational assumptions valid? Are Xers’s impatient? Do Gen Y’s always have an IPod in their ears at all times?

I went out in search of this information - and what I found was two fold: 1. There is very little input from real people into this subject matter and 2.What does exist is hard to find.

So I have pulled together a quick list of real people’s blogs, postings, etc. on the Gen X, Y, Z. I have also added another one that is not a real person’s blog, but rather a link to the two - hour special that was on PBS called "Millennials."

What are your thoughts? Is all this generational gap stuff true? Or are we trying to make communication easier by putting people into categories? And will these generational categorizations really help us all understand and communicate better?

Technology Demands and Generation Y - from a working Computer World Gen X Manager:

Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association Office:

HRM Today’s Blog:

Generational gap blog (the entire blog is dedicated to real people and the generational gaps):

A blog from a Generation Xer:

Generation Xer’s blog and his take from the real estate market:

As seen on 60 minutes: millennials

Additional article:

Additional article, very good summary information on the generations

BINGO number: B9

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