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Great Customer Service Often Comes From Small Things

The gloomy weather this weekend prompted me to pull out a Bloomingdales gift card that I had received last Christmas. I thought why not look for something that I can wear in the cold (it has been extremely cold for October here in New England)? So off I went to our local Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA.

Now, in the past, my experiences at Bloomingdales have been mixed. Sometimes, I wander around the store and can’t find anyone to help; and even if I do find someone, they often don’t seem very interested in helping me. But not this time!

I saw a really nice sweater at the Ralph Lauren section. I went to the sales woman and... WOW...I had a terrific customer experience.

Let me explain. Seven months ago, I went shopping for a pair of jeans with my mom. We went to the same Ralph Lauren boutique. And to my amazement, seven months later, not only did the sales associate remember me; she remembered almost every detail of my visit in April. She asked about my mom. She also asked me how I liked my jeans. She even noticed that I had lost more weight!

OK. I was blown away. I thought to myself, "This sales associate is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and helpful and genuinely cared! What else can I buy today - or how can she help me?" So I asked her about winter shirts. Once again, she jumped into help me. She seemed to understand what I liked and didn’t like, so the suggestions were very helpful.

Really great customer service often occurs when people truly care. This sales associate genuinely cared - and it showed.

I have certainly watched a lot of videos that teach about the importance of creating a great customer experience (and I’ve even worked on a few), so I know this is important. But every now and then the message hits home with such force that it literally blows you away. And that happened to me this past weekend. Even though Bloomingdales is a little out of the way for me, I know I’ll go back. And when I do, I’ll visit my friend at Ralph Lauren.

Think about your own customer service. Do you also try and personalize your relationship with the customer? Do people care? Do you make customers feel welcome? I can tell you; it makes a difference (or at least it made a difference to me). And that is something that can make a difference to your bottom line - now and for years to come.

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