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Help Spread Happiness with The Happiness Campaign

Many of you have already previewed our new program, The Happiness Advantage.

I have to say, I really love the messages in this program. I love the fact that the scientific data shows that we actually perform better at work when we’re happier. It is really amazing. I particularly like the ways in which we can all do simple things to improve our happiness.

The thing that has worked best for me recently is exercise. Shawn Achor not only says that exercise makes you happier, it actually improves your cognitive abilities. I am not sure if I am any smarter after I exercise, but I know I feel better!

What do I do for exercise? I swim. I know, some of you think swimming can be a little tedious. I used to as well. But, I have found a way to fix this! I now listen to music on my iPod when I swim. There are a whole bunch of neat ways to do this, but my favorite comes from the website If you like to swim, you should check out this website!

But back to the purpose of this blog. We thought is would be a great idea to spread happiness to more people. That’s why we came up with "The Happiness Campaign!"

Shawn Achor speaks about "The Ripple Effect" in his book. Essentially, when you are happier, that positivity ripples out to other people (at work, at home, even to strangers around you). Your happiness makes a difference to others - and everyone will benefit from that!

In order to spread happiness, we have started The Happiness Campaign. It’s designed as an easy way for you to share ideas that spread positivity - and hopefully to let your ideas ripple that positivity out to others. If you have a chance, visit the campaign on Facebook or go to Tell us what makes you happy! Share a video or a story and see if your idea spreads to other people.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help make people a little happier?

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