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Lessons From Chile

The wonderful scenes that gripped the world with the rescue of the trapped miners in Chile in the past week have been truly inspirational. Who didn’t cheer for each of the miners who returned from their harrowing experience? The interesting thing is that there are many lessons we can learn from this. Here are a few:

Great Ideas Can Come From Unusual Places: Who would have thought that the experts at NASA would prove to be so helpful in a mining disaster? What, after all, does space have to do with the deepest depths of the earth? Well, as we know, the team from NASA proved to be particularly helpful. After all, they are the experts on how to live in small confined spaces. The lesson here is clear: Look for great ideas everywhere - not just in your own company or area of business. You can learn from many different people in many different fields of endeavor.

Routine Helps: The miners were able to make it thought the harrowing experience through structuring their day. I think that it was interesting that so many of the experts said that it was important that every one of the miners had scheduled a routine to their days. That structure helped them stay positive. While I am not an advocate of rigid structure, it does seem that we all benefit from some basic routine and organization for our days.

Joy Is Infectious: I noticed that the faces of the (normally impassive) TV reported would be alight with smiles every time they saw the celebration of the reunited families. That is an improvement from the normally bad and divisive news we regularly receive on television. The smiles were welcome. I had a smile on my face all day myself (and I know that I am smiling now, thinking about the joy that was expressed). If you’ve read the Shawn Achor book, "The Happiness Advantage" that I recommended in an earlier blog, you’ll know why this happiness spreads (and you’ll know why it is a good thing for you, your business, and for your own productivity).

I have to celebrate and congratulate the rescue workers, the people of Chile, the folks from NASA, and all the others around the world who helped with this extraordinary success. And most of all, it is so inspirational to see the miners, who remained positive and resilient in the face of such incredible adversity.

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