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More Customers Service Thoughts.... GREAT SERVICE!

OK... I know, I’ve been writing a lot about my customer service experiences on the Cape.... and here I go again...

There is a small wine shop near my place in Provincetown. It’s called Perry’s Liquor. Perry’s has been in Provincetown since the 1920’s, but recently it has undergone a transformation...

About three years ago, new owners purchased Perry’s and last year, they refurbished the store. I love the new store! It is nicely laid out, attractive, and well organized. For people who have a love of trivia, the planks on the floor used to be part of the timber piers that supported the legendary Boston restaurant, Jimmy’s Harborside. But all of that pales next to the unbelievable customer service.

We could make a film about Perry’s. Everything about the service is fantastic.

First, the owners have taken such care choosing the wines in the store. They know wine and are enthusiastic to share their thoughts and feedback on any wine. They offer recommendations and friendly advice if you ask. More importantly, they do this in a way that is fun and friendly without being pushy. It’s amazing.

Second, they have a great diversity of prices. They have a lot of wonderful wine that isn’t too expensive. OK, everything is relative. The wine is probably more expensive than if I purchased it at a superstore. But Perry’s is a block and a half from my home, so I pass it when I am walking onto or back from town. It is so convenient.

Third, the owners really (and I mean REALLY) care what you think about your purchase. Come to think of it, they REMEMBER what you’ve purchased. For example, I was in the grocery store in town and ran into one of the owners. He asked me, "What did you think of the Box Car?" (Box Car wine was a red wine that I chose because I liked the label. Actually, I seem to do that pretty often with wine - that is choose the wine based on the look of the label. I know it isn’t really a good way to choose wine, but it can be fun! I guess I still have a lot to learn about wine... but I digress...) OK, back to the story about Perry’s: think of it. The owner recognized me, remembered the wine I purchased a few days before, and then cared enough to ask what I thought. WOW! Now that’s the kind of service you’ll never find at a superstore!

Fourth, this is a community store where I seem to run into many of my friends. The owners are welcoming, so often people just pop in to comment on a wine they purchased or to say "hi." I leave the store with a smile on my face (and often a yummy bottle of wine in my hand).

So, what is the lesson here for all of us in business or service? Know your products. Welcome and genuinely care about your customers. Find managers or supervisors who share your passion for customers. Make your business (or government agency or bank) friendly and welcoming. Remind your team about the importance of customer service regularly (through storytelling, training, and public celebrations of customer service successes). I think it is pretty hard to do all of this successfully, but we can all learn from Perry’s.

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