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New stuff at Enterprise Media

YES! It’s true! There is NEW STUFF happening at Enterprise Media! We are not letting the economy and passing tax day get us down! We are marching forward and making sure that the training world has some fresh new ideas and exciting contests!

We are getting ready to launch a new video series featuring Sam Glenn and I just watched the final cut and love it! It’s titled "Who Put A Lizard in My Lasagna" and it has great energy and will surely become a cornerstone in the training market for employee motivation and attitude. couldn’t come at a better time either. Sam has a unique ability to tell anecdotal stories that will put a smile on your face and I guarantee you’ll be laughing at his stories and many of them will conjure up some old memories from your childhood! You can see some "behind the scenes outtakes" with Sam here:

We received a lot of positive feedback about our BINGO game from many of you, so we’ve started a NEW Enterprise Media contest! Now through June 8th you can get a raffle ticket for FREE and enter to win. The first prize is any Enterprise Media produced product! We’ll also have three "second prizes," which will be any Enterprise Media produced meeting video. The drawing will be on June 13th. If you preview any program online, you get a raffle ticket automatically. You can also ask us and we’ll send you one. To get your ticket, just drop us an email at, call us at 800-423-6021 or fax us at 617-354-1637. It’s easy to play and easy to win!

Stick with us...we’ll keep you going when the stock market won’t!

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