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"Not Everyone Gets a Trophy" a book by Bruce Tulgan on Gen Y'ers in the Workplace

The book "Not Everyone Gets A Trophy" by Bruce Tulgan caught my eye for several reasons beyond just trying to figure out how to work with Gen Yers. His book is loaded with excellent information on how to hire, retain, train, help new employees reach new levels of excellence and even push out the low performers. But it was the title that I liked. In fact when I read it, I remember thinking that I lived this idea! I have 2 children that are Gen Yers and they grew up very scheduled and played on a lot of sports teams. Much to my surprise, they often received trophies even though they didn’t finish in first or second place. I was surprised and when they got a little older I wished I had told them that it was ridiculous to receive a trophy when you haven’t really won.

Now, this generation is in the workplace and many of us are struggling to figure out how to work with them. After reading "Not Everyone Gets A Trophy," I now feel like I have a better handle on it. Bruce Tulgan gives you easy, step-by-step methods from customer service tips to hiring, engaging, managing, and mentoring Gen Yers.

Bruce points out that Yers make a lot of requests and demands, which, can exhaust their co-workers and managers. But he points out that knowing what they want is half the battle. His examples of real-life situations and remedies are very helpful. One story struck me---it was about two different managers who worked with several Gen Yers within the same company. One got along with them and one didn’t. Why??? Well the one who didn’t get along with them never communicated with them (or if he did it wasn’t much). However, the person who got along with Gen Yers would bring each person into his office and tell them, "This is who I am. This is what I work on. This is what is expected of you. This is how to work for me." Voila, he gets it and subsequently they all work well together.

So even though Gen Yers were often overindulged and overscheduled as kids, if you want to get along with them at work you may have to tell them what YOU want and what is expected from THEM and go from there. It’s a good tactic to take with everyone you work with---regardless of his or her generation.

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