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Now you can get A "Kick In Your Attitude" in print!

A Kick In The Attitude by Sam Glenn

Sam Glenn has just released a book called "A Kick In The Attitude," which is published by Wiley. Many of you know Sam from his hysterical video series (which includes the program "A Kick in The Attitude." Now, Sam has put his philosophy in print!

Sam’s book is filled with his usual great stories as well as lots of wonderful advice and tips for getting - and keeping - a great attitude. I am always drawn to his customer service stories, and Sam’s book is filled with them. But as I was reading Sam’s book, one other topic caught my attention. It’s in Principle #17 (which is called "Attitude Is Like Chalk Dust - It Gets On Everything You Touch").

In this chapter, Sam has a section called "You Can’t Please Them All." In it he speaks about the challenge of delivering great customer service. Sometimes you really can’t please everyone. For example, if your customers are rude to your people, then maybe you can’t please them and you have to move on. This is hard advice, but I also think it is great advice. Herb Kelleher was also a fan of this philosophy. In my interview with Herb, he said that at Southwest their philosophy was to put employees first. Herb thought that if the employees were happy, then the customers will be well served and the shareholders will reap the benefits. It’s great advice!

Give Sam’s book a try! It’s a fun read! Click here to see more on You can also see a preview of Sam’s video "A Kick In The Attitude."

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