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Oh Happy Day!

Oh Happy Day!

I am not sure if you noticed the cover of "The Harvard Business Review" this month.  The entire issue is devoted to happiness.  You might wonder what the message this issue delivers.  It's simple:  If you work towards a positive environment for your people, your organization will perform better and your people will have a higher level of performance (in a sustainable manner).  In addition, your employees will be more productive, turnover will be lower.  Basically, you'll be setting your organization up for success. 

The issue has a great article from Shawn Achor (who is the host of our new program "The Happiness Advantage") as well as interesting articles by Justin Fox, Gretchen Spreitzer, and Peter Stearns.

As I read the magazine, I was really fascinated by an interview with Daniel Gilbert, the author of "Stumbling on Happiness."  The interview reinforced some of the lessons I'd already learned about the power of happiness.  In the interview, you'll learn more about how happiness works and how you can be happier.  I was also interested in Daniel Gilbert's comments about managers.  He reminds us how much better reward is for employees as opposed to threats.  Using positive feedback and rewards is a much more effective way to stimulate

Which brings me to the next cool news item.  Shawn Achor's "Talk of the Day" on TED has had over 55,000 views.  If you haven't seen it, Click Here

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