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The Fish Philosophy and the Science of Positive Psychology

We’ve been working on a new training video with Shawn Achor. Shawn is the author of the forthcoming book called, "The Happiness Advantage." The other day, we filmed Shawn in New York in front of a live audience. Shawn’s message is based on the latest scientific research in the area of Positive Psychology coupled with anecdotal stories. We’ll have a lot more on Shawn, his amazing ideas, his forthcoming training program, and fun sense of humor soon. But Shawn’s lecture got me thinking about the "Fish Philosophy."

Many of you know about the "Fish Philosophy" and about the video "Fish!" If you don’t, the program follows a group of employees who work at the fish market in Pikes Place in Seattle Washington. Despite working long hours, getting up VERY early, and working in a job that some might consider unpleasant, this team is positive, enthusiastic, and energized by their work. Their enthusiasm is also infections.

The core message of Fish is that you can build a workplace that is fun and engaging if you have a positive attitude and willingness to see work as enjoyable. It is a powerful message, and has swept the business world by storm.

In some ways, the research that Shawn discusses in his book (and video) shows in a concrete manner that the message behind "Fish" isn’t just fun, it has a scientific basis. Fun and attitude are infections. You can "choose your attitude," and you can work to improve your outlook about work.

We will have a lot more on the "how" and "why" in our new video as the production progresses... Stay tuned!!!

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