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The power of a note.

Last week, as I was settling down after a fun and festive holiday season, I received a postcard in the mail. It was from a store called Uniform that is a few blocks away from my home in Boston. I’d visited the store to get some fun gifts for my nephews (and, it turns out, a "gift" for myself, too).

The card didn’t say a lot, it just said "Happy New Year from Uniform! Thanks for making 2011 great." It was a simple, handwritten note, but it had a big impact - at least for me. I thought, "Wow! These people are great! I want to visit their store again." Just a small note made a big difference.

In the rush of trying to do many things with too little time, we might forget the power of a thank you note. My New Years resolution is to thank people more often - and, if possible, more than once. Here are some thoughts that occurred to me about this note:

It was simple: The postcard had just two short sentences, but the message was clear and I felt appreciated. Thank you’s don’t need to be complicated.

It was hand written: The postcard was handwritten. That made it more personal. I know that someone had taken time to send me a note.

The tone was positive: I felt appreciated for helping to make 2011 a good year for a nice local store in my neighborhood. The positive tone of the note left me feeling good about myself and appreciated.

So, this note was a good reminder for me and I thought you might appreciate it as well. For all our customers, friends, and fans... THANK YOU! I hope 2012 brings all of you health, happiness, and success.

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