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Top Training Programs in 2009

As many of you know from previous posts, our customers and distributors often ask us which programs are our bestsellers. I think this is useful to them as it shows how organizations are setting their training priorities (particularly last year, when times were challenging for so many people in business and government). Here is a list of our top 10 training Programs for 2009.

1) Fish! Culture: This program provides viewers with an in-depth year long training experience built on the successful program Fish! The program includes the original Fish! video (which features a visit to Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle). In the program, you will learn how to really embed the "Fish! Philosophy" (that includes the four elements of Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude) within your organization. The "Fish!" program has been a worldwide bestseller for over a decade.

2) Sam Glenn Series: The launch of the Sam Glenn Series has been a huge success! In particular, the two programs, "A Kick in the Attitude" and "Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna" have been best sellers. Sam is very funny and has a fantastic motivational and positive message. His new book (also called "A Kick In The Attitude") has just been released with rave reviews! Sam’s humor and "glass half full" outlook on life has been a welcome addition to our customer’s training programs.

3) Succeeding In A Changing World with John Kotter: Harvard Business School professor and best-selling author John Kotter presents examples of organizations that have changed successfully and organizations that have failed when faced with change. He also provides an overview of his eight-step process for success. This program was voted one of the top training programs by Training Media Review! With all of the change and stress that companies have faced over the past two years, John’s film has provided them with a place to start putting it all back together.

4) The Tom Peters Little BIG Things Series: Tom Peters, co-author of "In Search of Excellence," the best-selling business book of all time has just released a new video series called "The Little BIG Things." This series is a radical departure from his previous films, as it is comprised of multiple short clips of Tom’s thoughts and advice on a variety of subjects. Our customers have been overjoyed at being able to bring the wisdom of Tom Peters into their organization four minutes at a time! For over 25 years, Tom Peters has been inspiring people to achieve higher levels of excellence in customer service, leadership, and innovation. A book version of "The Little BIG Things" will be out in March!

5) Ben Zander’s two films: "Attitude: Radiating Possibility" and "Leadership: The Art Of Possibility" Ben Zander uses his experience as conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra to energize people to become better leaders - and to realize their true potential. These two programs are really learning tools that provide a new language, new practices, and unique results. The "Art of Possibility" isn’t just about creating a moment in time; it’s about turning those moments into a profound and sustainable transformation. Zander’s unique humor and positive attitude has spread quickly through the organizations that included this in their training schedules.

6) Muppet Meeting Films: Join Kermit, Grump, Leo, Sam Eagle, and other members of the Muppet ensemble as they add pizzazz to your meetings. These humorous meeting videos are lots of fun and have been perennial bestsellers! January and February are typically the time of year for kick-off meetings and the Muppets have been all over it!

7) The Lance Armstrong Series including "Who Says We Can’t Do It? Lance Armstrong’s Journey." I think one of the reasons this program has been a bestseller is the wonderful interview with Lance’s oncology nurse, LaTrice Haney. It is very moving and motivational. Many organizations use this program to really rally the troops. Lance’s story can inspire any team to strive for better results and our customers have enjoyed this program very much.

8) "What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN! With Morris Massey!": Morris Massey’s programs remain top sellers for us year in and year out. The bestseller of all is "What You Are is Where You Were When... Again!" Funny. Irreverent. Provocative. Thought Provoking. Morris Massey is all of these and more. For over 30 years, he has explained how different generations think and how these different generations can work together successfully. In the past two years many organizations have had to adjust their workforce and create new teams. This program and Morris has been essential in helping their teams communicate and succeed.

9) "Harassment Is": This training program goes beyond Sexual Harassment and shows a whole variety of harassment situations. Our customers love it because it provides broad insights into the issues of harassment. More importantly, it shows how harassment of all types can negatively affect employee satisfaction and productivity. Our customers have embraced this film because it provides them with an overall training program that addresses the issues of harassment and diversity with their current staff but is also the right length for their new hires. It’s a very cost effective purchase for many organizations.

10) "Love Your Customers" with John O’Hurley. You probably know John O’Hurley fromhis appearances as J. Peterman on Seinfeld or on Family Feud. But wait till you see him in this two-part program. Part 1, "Love your Customers," provides a blueprint for delivering great customer service. The second, "Love Your Difficult Customers," provides a step-by-step approach for working with customers who are angry or upset. Throughout, you will laugh as John O’Hurley delivers his message in a funny and engaging manner. Our customers have enjoyed using this program with their staff because it does well with Gens X, Y and Z as well as the Boomers who remember when Seinfeld first aired!

We’re working on a number of really exciting new programs for 2010 - and we’ll keep you posted!

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