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Welcome to the Enterprise Media blog

For some time, we’ve been talking about creating a Blog - and we have finally done it! We hope we’ll be able to share our insights and observations with you - and tell you what is going on in our industry. We also hope this will be an opportunity for you to share your feedback, ideas and suggestions with us.

We are not sure what topics will come to mind in this blog, but we do hope that we will try to provide you with some fun and useful information. In addition, we hope we will all be able to share some basic information with you regularly.

We will try to use this blog to tell you what is going on in the industry. Over the years, we have found that the top selling training programs track the interests and concerns of our customers (and of business leaders around the world). In the past, we’ve seen customers with training needs focused on change, diversity, ENDA, sexual harassment, and Total Quality Management. Of course, some training topics (like customer service, team building, leadership, and communication) are always in demand. We’ll keep you informed of all these trends.

We will also try to tell you about ways our customers use our programs to train and motivate their employees. In addition, we’ll tell what training technologies are popular. We’ll also share our thoughts about technologies that haven’t really worked (we’ve had our share of those, too!).

On the more fun side, we will try to share what is going on with the production of our training programs. We’ll share the fun things we have encountered as we film at different locations. We will try to give you an inside look at the production of these training programs. If there are fun stories, we’ll share those, too.

As always, we want to thank all of you for being loyal friends and customers. We really love working with you. We enjoy what we do and hope that we can help you make your workplace more productive and more fun!

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