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What's Hot and What's Not?

I have noticed a lot of articles in magazines outlining what is "hot" and what’s "not hot." These articles can be on a variety of topics like fashion, automobiles, home furniture, or movies...

We have also found over the years that certain topics are hot in our industry while others become much less popular. So what is hot and what’s not hot in training videos and DVDs? Here is a list that we’ve pulled together. Most of the trends come from our own discussions with our customers, but we’ve also had some informal chats with other distributors as well.


Communication - we have seen a big increase in customers who are seeking communication training in all forms. They are particularly interested in programs that will help people work well together on teams.

Working with people from different generations - Generational conflicts must be on people’s minds. We have seen a real increase in the past few years in training tools to help employees from different generations work better together.

Customer Service - This topic is a perennial HOT area. Many of our customers regularly train on customer service and they are always looking for new customer service training programs. Fortunately, there are a number of terrific programs in this area.

Motivation - I think motivation has picked up recently because of the challenging economic situation. Our customers are always looking for ways to inspire and motivate their associates.

Change - Recently we’ve seen this topic shoot up in interest. Our training customers need tools to help employees understand the changes that are happening. They also need tools to help every employee navigate these changes.


Quality - About a decade ago, quality training was very hot. We have seen interest in quality drop way down over the years.

Innovation - We used to get a lot of requests for programs focusing on creativity and innovation. Our customer’s interest in this training area has also fallen off in the past few years.

Sexual Harassment - When the State of California mandated Sexual Harassment training for every employee, this topic was very HOT. Recently however, customer interest in this topic has also diminished... That is until sexual harassment cases make the evening news again.

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