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Passion for Customers with Tom Peters - Full Preview

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Tom Peters gets to the heart of the “excellence message” by taking you on location to five leading organizations that provide superior customer service.

You’ll learn what Peters has discovered about these good-news stories - no matter how different the nature of their businesses, their successes are strikingly similar. Without exception, their prosperity can be traced directly to their dedication to serving customers.

Viewers will be privy to the inner workings of these acclaimed customer-driven organizations as Tom details the essential characteristics that have given each of these companies their competitive edge.

But a particular type of leadership is needed for an organization to do more than pay lip service to excellent customer service. While individual leadership styles differ, this program vividly shows us leaders who all are operating from common principles.

In A Passion for Customers, Tom Peters takes you on a guided tour of five extremely profitable organizations:

  • Louisville Redbirds
  • Federal Express
  • Worthington Industries
  • The Limited
  • University National Bank & Trust Company (UNB&T)

There is a short cut version of Passion for Customers available. The short cut is 25 minutes and includes the following organizations:

  • Federal Express
  • Louisville Redbirds
  • Worthington Industries

While stories of gloom and doom regarding the American economy assault us daily, Peters shows us that it is possible, even in some of the most troubled sectors of the American economy, to be a raging success.

Key Learning Points

  • Learn that service and quality pay off - in both customer and employee satisfaction
  • Improve company relations with customers by tuning employees into the details of customer service
  • Encourage the quick responsiveness
  • Recognize the importance of the front line individuals

This Program is part of the Tom Peters Combo Package which is available for only $1499! The combo includes:

  • In Search of Excellence
  • Leadership Alliance
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Passion for Customers
  • Re-Imagine Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age X

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