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Meetings Bloody Meetings - Full Preview

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Making Meetings More Productive

How much time do you spend in meetings-and how much of that time is fruitful? Meetings that lack direction and focus are all too common.

Meetings, Bloody Meetings is the best-selling video that defines the five disciplines that transform a gathering into a professionally run business meeting. Declare independence from the drain and drudgery of rudderless meetings with Meetings Bloody Meetings !

Designed for anyone who chairs meetings, this award-winning program, remade in 1993, gives unequaled instructions on how to shorten meetings and make them more productive.

John Cleese is featured as a thoroughly inefficient chairperson who dreams he is hauled up before a court for negligent conduct of meetings. After reviewing the offender’s last few conferences, the court pronounces him guilty on all five counts:

Failing to prepare himself
Failing to inform others
Failing to plan the agenda
Failing to control the discussion
Failing to record the decisions

The judge then demonstrates that the discipline and logic needed to conduct a court case parallel those needed to run an effective business meeting.

And John Cleese ensures you get plenty to laugh at along the way.

Key Learning Points

  • Plan meetings in advance
  • Prepare a detailed agenda
  • Pre-notify attendees
  • Control the discussion
  • Summarize and record decisions

Program Includes

  • DVD (31 mins)
  • CD-ROM containing:
    - Leader’s Guide
    - Participant Worksheets
    - PowerPoint Presentation
    - Self-study Workbook X

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