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Part 3 Divine Intervention - Full Preview

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A three-part humorous series with John Cleese on management, St.Peter, heavenly management and organization.

The Unorganized Manager with John Cleese demonstrates how improved organizational skills can have a direct impact on efficiency, morale, teamwork, and productivity. The key lesson is that managers and team leaders who can’t organize themselves can never organize others.

Knowing when and how to delegate responsibilities effectively will enable managers to maintain and improve performance standards and overall team effectiveness.

PART 1: Damnation (24 mins)

In this 1996 remake, St. Peter (John Cleese) reviews Lewis’s mortal sins including leaving jobs unfinished, missing deadlines, and making life pure hell for coworkers. We then discover the "11 Deadly Organizational Sins" and how to avoid them. With these life lessons in mind, St. Peter grants Lewis a second chance.

PART 2: Salvation (26 mins)

In this 1996 remake, Richard Lewis still needs a few miracles. He can’t set priorities, schedule time for active tasks, or allocate time for reactive tasks. Before Lewis can become a heavenly manager, he must learn to delegate, and to use time management aids such as a personal calendar.

PART 3: Divine Intervention (19 mins)

In this 1997 remake, John Cleese is back as St. Peter, and he explains why it’s important to clarify the responsibilities of each team member, set measurable standards, and agree upon performance targets. But it’s really no miracle St. Peter is preaching, it’s just a simple truth: people can only do a good job when they understand what they’re supposed to be doing.

Key Learning Points

  • Organize tasks into active and reactive groups
  • Establish priorities in terms of importance and urgency
  • Schedule active tasks and allow time for reactive tasks
  • When delegating, brief and train others properly
  • Be available for advice and check on key points
  • Clarify responsibilities
  • Set standards & Agree on targets

Program includes:

  • DVD Including:
    Part 1 - Damnation
    Part 2 - Salvation
    Part 3 - Divine Intervention
  • Leader's Guide
  • Delegate worksheets
  • Powerpoint Presentation
  • Self-study workbook on disk X

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