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What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN! - Bleeped Preview

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Morris Massey is back with his newest program, What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN!

For over 30 years, Morris Massey addressed the issues of values, diversity, generational conflicts, and gender in his best selling videos. With a classic combination of humor, and no-nonsense directness, Morris has helped all of us all develop tools for working together. In particular, Morris has presented a framework for understanding all these differences in his original program What You Are Is Where You Were When

Now, Morris Massey has updated this groundbreaking program with What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN!

Telly Award Winner!

Bronze Telly Award Winner

What You Are Is Where You Were When... AGAIN! presents a framework for understanding and working with all different types of people. Morris takes on assumptions about race, religion, age, gender and will help you develop strategies to deal with your homegrown prejudices and acceptance of others.

As Morris says in the program, “There’s a reason we have two ears…but only one mouth. You want to know what people want…what people need? ASK them!” 


  • Gold Aurora Award - Best Training Program
  • Bronze Telly Award

Key Learning Points

  • Understand how to motivate and work with Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z
  • ASK people… And LISTEN to what they say
  • Look objectively and non-judgmentally at other people
  • Accept that other people’s values are just as valid as your own
  • Put your own values on “hold.”

This program is on one video but has two parts - Part I is 23 minutes and Part II is 44 minutes.

* Program includes a comprehensive 80-page Action Guide. The Guide has four exercises, questions for discussion, training advice, an extensive glossary of terms and a full transcript of the program. You will also receive a CD-ROM which has handouts along with a PowerPoint presentation. X

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Yes, we do still include a popcorn package with each DVD purchase. It’s our way of saying "thank you" for being our customer! X

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