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The Original Massey Tapes Program 4 - Full Preview

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These are the original 1975  video programs that totally revolutionized employee-management relations. As Morris Massey unlocks the "people puzzle," you’ll begin to understand the special mechanisms that make people tick. You’ll improve interaction and communication, increase motivation, and productivity, and learn to promote better team building and teamwork.

PROGRAM 1: "What You Are Is Where You Were When"

This is the original best seller, the in-depth introduction to Massey’s value analysis theory. In this tape, you will understand the development of the three self-programming periods that form our value systems and increase self-awareness. Finally, Morris will reveal how gut-level values determine our world view. 89 minutes

PROGRAM 3: "What You Are Is..."

As Massey discusses value programming, you’ll discover how significant events have shaped the value systems of different generations - and you’ll learn how to work better with individuals by viewing each in light of his or her past. This program will help reveal how value systems and prejudices are formed. You will learn to handle personality obstacles. 145 minutes

PROGRAM 4: "What You Are Is Where You See"

This program is about change - as the future changes, so can you. Dr. Massey analyzes the "point-of-view" theory and the "four cluster" theory. This tape will help improve communication through a knowledge of relationship theories and redefine and improve business, social and personal relationships. It will also help encourage adaptation to a changing world and increase personal effectiveness. 76 minutes

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