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How to Ask Positive Questions - Full Preview

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We understand that speaking clearly, using proper listening skills, and knowing the importance of non-verbal cues all play vital roles in clear communication between people in organizations. Surprisingly, the impact of questions, and how to ask them properly, remain an unacknowledged part of the training curriculum. This sprightly and to-the-point video addresses that shortfall. Driving home the lessons is John O’Hurley, best known as J. Peterman on the Seinfeld series.

How To Ask Positive Questions is designed to be used during team training sessions devoted to productivity and communication skills, or before a meeting starts. By increasing the questioning ability of employees, the video’s benefits extend beyond team impact. Employees who can properly ask questions will deal better with all colleagues throughout the entire organization. Additionally, communication with both external and internal customers will improve.


  • Appreciate how learning to ask positive question can improve team effectiveness
  • Remember: asking questions is a communications skill, just like speaking clearly or listening effectively
  • Develop the ability to use inflection, phrasing, and timing to ask positive questions

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