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The Constructive Route to Agreement

Have you ever felt you were knocking your head against a brick wall? Well it may be that you unwittingly helped to build that wall. That’s the message of this award-winning video.

Knowing that you are right is not good enough. And aggressively trying to force your opinions on others is rarely the best way to achieve their agreement. No one will listen to you if you won’t listen to them!

This video shows Martin (Robert Lindsay) learning the subtle techniques of negotiation from someone for whom the gentle art of persuasion is essential-his doctor. She tells him to listen actively, win himself a hearing and, finally, work toward a joint solution.

By changing his attitude and applying these new techniques, Martin not only manages to achieve his objective, but also lowers his blood pressure. He discovers that the road to agreement need not be tortuous if certain basic techniques are followed.

Learning Objectives

  • Listen actively
  • Show others you understand
  • Explain your feelings
  • Refer back to others’ ideas
  • Work to a joint solution using everyone’s ideas

Persuasion is an art that must be learned if the road to agreement is not to be strewn with acrimony or conflict. It’s not about being domineering or dismissive, but following a three-stage approach that accounts for everybody’s needs: listening actively, explaining your own feelings, and inviting other ideas and building on them. Then agreement follows naturally.

The Benefits:

  • A vital skill for managers conducting meetings or negotiations
  • Supports courses on management and leadership skills
  • A clear three-stage structure that’s memorable and simple to put into practice

This video features Robert Lindsay and Phyllida Law and the package includes a discussion booklet. X

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