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I Wish My Manager Would Just... - Full Preview

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This video features honest thoughts from employees on what managers can do to help them be more successful.

Are there days when it seems the good people have resigned and the rest think you’re the enemy?

Do you spend your time motivating people that don’t care and the rest putting out fires?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Based on research conducted with thousands of employees over a five-year period, employees were asked to finish the statement "I wish my manager would just…" While some answers may surprise you, others will seem quite simple. I Wish My Manager Would Just… will encourage managers to really think about their own management style and understand how it affects their employees.

Some responses to "I wish my manager would just…" include:

  • "Ask for my opinion and take it seriously."
  • "Don’t just tell me how to do things, show me."
  • "Value my time as much as their own."
  • "Say ’Thank You."

I Wish My Manager Would Just… is great way to:

  • Establish trusting, two-way communication between managers and their employees
  • Encourage and equip managers with ideas of how to better relate to employees
  • Engage in professional discussion about current issues employees are being faced with



  • Open and honest communication
  • A relationship that is built upon trust
  • Learn how to work together to achieve mutual goals

This thought-provoking program also includes a discussion guide and the book, "I Wish You Would Just…". These materials provide more information and serve as perfect compliments to enhance learning and decision making for effective training. X

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