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Promoting Respect & Preventing Discrimination

Do your managers know they are legally responsible for addressing harassment and discrimination situations in their workplaces?

This program brings them up to speed fast using straightforward language and real-world examples.

Managers gain the knowledge, tools and insights they need to protect themselves and their organizations from lawsuits and regulatory actions.

This program is designed to help managers understand that harassment can take many forms-and that all forms can lead to charges not only of harassment, but of discrimination as well. As this line becomes more and more blurred it is critical that your managers understand what constitutes harassment and discrimination and what they can do to prevent them.

Using straightforward language and real-world examples this video answers managers most frequently asked questions and provides a list of specific actions they can implement immediately to help them, and your organization, stay out of court.

Key Learning Points

  • Harassment can take many forms
  • All forms of harassment can be discrimination
  • All forms demand equal attention
  • Know how to respond to a victim’s desires for anonymity
  • Know what confidentiality you can provide to an alleged harasser
  • Know how to deal with workplace dating
  • Know the importance of:
    * Understanding and following your organization's polices
    * Observing actions and attitudes-Staying aware
    * Investigating complaints consistently
    * Getting signed statements
    * Documenting without conclusion or bias X

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