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Overview of the Video:

The setting is a “training session” at a company. The president of the company greets the new hires and existing employees, including those who aspire to be supervisors. He explains the 1998 Supreme Court rulings related to sexual harassment. He further emphasizes that the organization will not tolerate any kind of discrimination including harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation. He then introduces the Human Resources personnel to continue the training session.

The role of Mrs. Dominguez and Mrs. Martinez as the “trainers” is to explain the 15 scenarios in the video and why they are considered sexual harassment. Before and after each scenario, they discuss the behavior and the consequences of sexual harassment and how to prevent it from occurring at the workplace.

At the conclusion, the president returns to address the attendees and reinforces the company’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy and to assure the employees that if a complaint is reported, it will be investigated immediately. He finishes by saying that every employee has the right to work in a positive environment that is free of discrimination.

Breakdown of Scenes:

The video is divided into two sections: ‘quid pro quo’ and ‘hostile environment’ and covers the three types of misconduct forbidden by the law: verbal, visual and physical. The fourth type of discrimination, ‘retaliation,’ is also dramatized. Finally, the training is recapitulated with flashbacks reviewing the areas of sexually harassing misconduct.

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This package includes a 65 page Trainer’s Manual "La Obligación es Mutua" ("The Obligation is Mutual") with step-by- step instructions plus "handouts," "Questions and Answers" and a Certificate of Completion for demonstrating compliances and verification of training. Plus fact sheets and hand-outs in Spanish containing discussions of EEOC guidelines, DFEH guidelines (California) on the topic of identifying and preventing sexual harassment. X

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