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It’s Not Enough To Know Better - Manager

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The Sexual Harassment It's Not Enough to Know Better series is video-based training for employees and managers designed to help any organization reinforce its message that sexual harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
The It's Not Enough to Know Better series includes both the Manager Version and Employee Version, as well as a 5 minute meeting opener.

The three-part series includes:

  • Employee Version (25 Minutes)
  • Manager Version (26 Minutes)
  • You Need To Know... Sexual Harassment is Illegal (5 Minutes)

It's Not Enough to Know Better - Employee's Version
(25 minutes)

Employees are every organization’s first line of defense against sexual harassment. It's Not Enough to Know Better will help clearly define sexual harassment to your employees and empower them to act when they recognize inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

Employees will:

  • learn the legal definitions of sexual harassment
  • view several different vignettes depicting potential sexual harassment situations
  • have the opportunity to discuss your organization's policies on sexual harassment and reporting procedures
  • know they are empowered to report sexual harassment when they, or someone they know, is a victim

It's Not Enough to Know Better - Manager's Version
(26 minutes)

Persons in management positions are held to a higher legal standard in sexual harassment cases, thus the need for this specialized version of It's Not Enough to Know Better. This video provides the education, guidance and authority to help managers rise to the challenge of preventing, recognizing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.

Your management team will:
  • learn the legal definitions of sexual harassment
  • learn to recognize potential sexual harassment situations
  • understand the legal and other consequences of allowing sexually harassing behavior to occur
  • begin to understand his/her role and responsibility in creating a work environment free of sexual harassment
  • know how to report and investigate all sexual harassment complaints based on your organization's policies

You Need to Know 2nd Edition
(5 Minutes)

Designed to accompany It's Not Enough to Know Better or stand alone - You Need To Know... Sexual Harassment is Illegal is a 5-minute sexual harassment policy video that leaves no doubt about your organization's policy on sexual harassment in the workplace.

The Supreme Court has indicated that having a sexual harassment policy is not enough; it must also be clearly communicated and understood! Music, visual images, graphics, and narration make this video program a dramatic, contemporary, clear, and concise method of ensuring all your employees understand that sexual harassment is not acceptable in your workplace. This program can be used as a new employee orientation tool, a meeting opener for any sexual harassment training program, or as a periodic reminder of your organization's expectations.


Comprehensive Leader's Guide included with video program

To complete your training sessions on sexual harassment, use this video with the It's Not Enough to Know Better Leader's Guide. The guide provides trainers with a complete training agenda including key discussion points for all vignettes, helpful exercises that emphasize the video’s message, and suggestions on incorporating your organization's sexual harassment policies into the training session.

Added bonus

All 12 vignettes are replayed without the narrative at the end of the Employee's and Manager's version. You can conveniently replay each one during discussions or create your own customized vignette based training program.

A leader's guide accompanies each module and as an added bonus, all 12 vignettes are replayed at the end without any narrative. X

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