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Each member of a team is important to the team’s effectiveness. Team Building What Makes A Good Team Player? focuses on four types of team players and illustrates how group’s can build on the strengths of each personality to reach team goals.

Organizations depend on teams to develop new products, solve problems, improve quality, and increase productivity. This requires teams, and the members of teams, achieve quality outcomes quickly and effectively.

With self awareness, interpersonal honesty, mutual respect, and trust, diversity can become a team’s greatest asset. In the Team Building What Makes A Good Team Player training program, best-selling author and team building expert Glenn Parker shows how to leverage the unique strengths of different personality types and work through the kinds of conflict that prevent high performance.

To thrive in today’s business climate, manufacturers depend on teams to develop new products and techniques, achieve cost reductions, improve quality, increase productivity and solve problems. This requires that teams, and the members of teams, achieve quality outcomes faster and more effectively than ever before. That’s the goal of this insightful film, which focuses on the team player as the cornerstone of a productive and successful team -- and how team players can complement, challenge and inspire one another to new performance heights.

Based on the principles developed by Glenn M. Parker in the best-selling self-assessment, Parker Team-Player Survey, this training DVD depicts the four primary team-member styles:

  • The Contributor
  • The Collaborator
  • The Communicator
  • The Challenger

The object is to make the most of each team player’s unique perspective. To accomplish this goal, team players must learn to identify their own style and the style of other team members, avoid carrying their style too far, learn to acknowledge the value of others’ styles, use the appropriate style to maximum team advantage, and learn to switch their style when it suits the needs of the team.


  • Four distinct team-player styles and recognize how each style contributes to a team and can potentially hinder a team
  • Five strategies for becoming a better team player and maximizing the team’s effectiveness
  • The personal and organizational benefits of becoming better team players and team leaders

This program is also available in Manufacturing, Healthcare and Government versions.
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  • DVD (20 Minutes)
  • Leader’s Guide

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