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Selling by the Numbers - Full Preview

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Ask Fern Bratten, and she'll tell you, "sales can be as easy as 1,2,3 and 4." In this humorous and motivational presentation Fern will tell you how to achieve success in sales. Fern opens with a motivational message about sales - selling is the art of creating desire. You need to understand your customer and his or her motivations to be the best in sales... and service. Then, Fern explains the basic principles of sales... and in this case, it really is as easy as 1,2,3, and 4.

COMPLIMENTARY REVIEW (Training Media Review)

Throughout the second video, Selling by the Numbers, the focus is on the customer. Bratten continues to emphasize her points in a humorous as well as motivational style. She stresses in an easy-to-remember number format the steps for understanding and appreciating customers. She also devotes time to explain different buying personalities that she classifies into four categories and presents a simplified version of the "Platinum Rule” maxim (relating to customers by mirroring their personality style).

Fern Bratten is engaging and successful in expressing the sales principles in a memorable style. The program is a worthwhile investment if your department needs refresher training or pep meeting material. It doesn't work as well if you need specific skill practice tools because sales concepts are introduced but not fully demonstrated.

Key Learning Points

  • Selling is the art of Creating Desire
  • Customers are ALWAYS #1
  • Customers have 2 reasons to buy -NEED and WANT
  • Always show the customer 3 choices - that way you'll make more sales - and make more money
  • There are 4 types of customers: The Amiable, the Analytical, the Driver, and the Expressive. If you understand how to work with each of them, you can really succeed

The video includes a leader's action guide and ten wallet cards with key learning points.

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