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File 102: Creating World Class Customer Service - Full Preview

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What does Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods Market and USAA Insurance have in common? They have all achieved world-class customer service. How have they done it? Front line employees, supervisors, mid-level and senior managers will tell you about the six core skills necessary for superior service.

Watch excellent service in action and learn skills for listening and responding to customers. This video can be a motivational supplement to your existing customer service training as it provides examples of the basic components and strategies for consistent, lasting service excellence.

Key Learning Points:

  • Focus the Organization on the Customer
  • Hire the right people
  • Satisfying Employees Leads to Superior Service
  • Create a Personal Connection
  • Listen to the Customer
  • Act on Feedback


This review is easy to sum up: if you liked The Excellence Files, you’ll want some or all of these new videos. If you didn’t like it, you won’t. If you haven’t seen the mother ship video, you’ll have to preview it first to decide on these. (You should see The Excellence Files anyway - it’s very good.)

The videos are what you would expect from Enterprise Media: visually interesting, skillfully edited, coherent, and substantiative. They’re also not quite what you would expect in terms of traditional off-the-shelf training products. They take expansive strategies and translate them into daily practices that real organizations and real people can try to learn and make their own.


These video-print packages won’t take you all the way to the goal of organizational competence in leadership, teams, or customer service. They’ll give you a good start, however and certainly a better one than many conventional video-based programs that offer up the ideas and leave implementation up to your imagination. Bill Ellet, Training Media Review

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