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Do you remember the old parable: “Give them a fish and they’ll eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they'll eat for a lifetime.”?

Well, closing the sale is the same thing. Teach them (your salespeople) the skill of how to improve their closing of sales and you give them and your organization a gift for a lifetime- consistently much higher sales. That's the gift that keeps on giving to everyone.

Salespeople today face extraordinary challenges. Competition has increased dramatically. Products and services have grown more complex. Sales cycle time and the cost of a sales call have increased several-fold. Customers need much more help in making the right decision. But through it all, one facet of the sales process has remained constant. Salespeople have the ultimate responsibility for bringing all their selling activities to a successful close. And closing is all about ASKING FOR THE ORDER.

"Ask For the Order" is designed to work with ALL selling strategies with all salespeople - rookies and veterans, field sales, or telemarketers. This video shows your salespeople how to get the order they have been working on and earned, rather than letting the competition have it.

Key Learning Points

  • Customers expect you to AFTO(TM)
  • Fear is the main reason salespeople don’t AFTO(TM)
  • What is Tough Minded Selling?
  • Don't mistake Doubt for Rejection
  • The 3D Approach to Selling - Dedication,Discipline, Determination
  • To close a Sale, ask a Closing Question
  • Using the Direct Approach to Closing Questions
  • Using the Indirect Approach: (including:Take-it-for Granted, Either/Or, Step by Step, Positive/Negative)
  • When should Closing Questions be asked?

Package Includes

  • 26-minute Video (and/or DVD)
  • 38-page Training Leader’s Guide
  • CD-ROM with Training Leader's Guide, Participant's Workbook & 22-slide PowerPoint presentation
  • Meeting Kit, which includes:
    - 25 Participant Buttons ("I you?)
    - 25 Note Pads
    - 25 Reminder Cards
    - 25 Certificates of Completion
    1 - 12" x 24" 4 color Poster, suitable for framing ("I you?) X

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