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So You Want To Be A Success at Selling - Part 4 Extended Preview Clip

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So You Want To Be A Success In Selling is a classic four-part sales training series hosted by John Cleese. It is ideal for new sales recruits or as a refresher for experienced members of the sales team.

John Cleese discovers how to explain benefits, meet objections and spot buying signals. He also learns how to stay cool and dispassionate when a customer appeals to criticize him and his products.

So You Want To Be A Success at Selling aims to give all sales staff a solid grounding in core sales skills.

Part 1: The Preparation (26 Minutes)

Shows why it is imperative for salespeople to get to know their customers and to understand how their products or services can benefit their client.

Part 2: The Presentation (25 Minutes)

Shows how to explain the benefits, meet objections, and spot the buying signals. Your sales staff will learn how to stay cool and dispassionate even when a customer criticizes them or their products.

Part 3: Difficult Customers (25 Minutes)

Deals with the duckers, ditherers and dictators that often stand in the way of progress. How to use people’s anxieties, laziness or vanity are some of the suggested techniques to help get things moving.

Part 4: Closing The Sale (25 Minutes)

This is an area where even skilled salespeople fear rejection - and so delay closing. They will find out how to conclude a deal efficiently and effectively.

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