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Change often produces fear, uncertainty and resistance. But, with the proper tools and attitude, change can be a morale- and confidence-building experience. This video offers an important look into how to redefine our organizations and ourselves to accommodate current health care industry trends.

In all recorded history, there is no precedent for the massive change now sweeping over people in the United States and other industrialized nations. Technology, global competition and workforce diversity combine to place heavy demands upon everyone. There are new skills, roles, attitudes and rules. All are re-shaping business and personal life.

Most people see change as a profound challenge that they are not emotionally equipped to handle. While organizations implement strategic change through such programs as Total Quality Management, downsizing and retraining, the psychological effects of change upon people must be kept in constant focus. This film is a critically needed tool for teaching everyone in the organization how to understand change, embrace it and make it work to maximum advantage. The morale-building, confidence-building strategies shown in this film will dramatically raise productivity and speed the organization’s progress in meeting its highest objectives. This emotionally involving film shows how to understand change as opportunity.

Key Learning Points


  • adapt to change
  • abandon limiting thought patterns and self-images
  • encourage employee involvement in the change process
  • embrace cooperation and productivity
  • overcome "survivor’s guilt" after downsizing

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