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The Goal - Dramatic Version

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The Goal dramatic version can teach your employees how to think logically and consistently to determine "cause and effect" relationships between their actions and the results. Utilizing The Goal program can result in ongoing improvement throughout your entire organization.

The Goal is a dramatic video that can give your employees an entirely new insight in how to look at business.

Alex Rogo is trying to live the American dream. He has a loving family and is head of a manufacturing plant in his hometown. Then one day, everything begins to fall apart. Company executives threaten to close the plant. Alex slowly begins to lose control of his life - until he finds Jonah. Through wisdom and intuition, Jonah educates Alex to find the true meaning of business by supplying questions instead of answers. Jonah helps guide Alex to find the true goal of his organization.

The Goal is about people trying to understand what makes their world run so they can make it better. As Alex and his team think logically about their problems, they are able to identify the "bottlenecks" in their work system and implement basic principles to improve performance.

The Goal can give your employees a perspective that won’t allow them to think it is acceptable to do something just because "that’s the way it was always done". Through Alex’s family struggle, as well as his problems at work, The Goal emphasizes that we tend to lose sight of the most important aspects in life.



  • Understand the goal of your organization
  • Identify and improve the performance of "bottlenecks"
  • Learn how to maximize “non-bottleneck” resources
  • Understand and implement continuous improvement strategies
  • Learn the importance of working together as a team



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