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Hiring and Interviewing Part 1 - Full Preview

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3 Part Series

Applicants can give good answers, but their body language may convey doubt or deception. Learn the nonverbal body cues that can help anyone make a more informed hiring decision!

Knowing how to read an applicant’s body language is essential in determining the right candidate for a position. Learn the nonverbal gestures that can help every hiring manager make a more informed hiring decision.

Beyond Words: Hiring and Interviewing teaches the interviewer to look beyond the answer to the question - to consider the body language of each applicant. Covers nonverbal cues that may indicate lying, doubt, attitude, and more.

In Part One you’ll learn how to decode basic nonverbal communication skills as they relate to hiring and interviewing prospective employees. (13 Minutes)

Part Two includes advice for the interviewer. It covers Holding The Floor, The Confident Voice, Eye Power, The Eye Zone, Power Positions, and The Curse of The Sunken Chest. (23 Minutes)

In Part Three you will learn three critical areas of employment qualification that a hiring manager would explore in each job interview: Adaptability, Initiative, and Job Knowledge. (24 Minutes)


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