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Beyond Words CS and Sales Part 2 - Full Preview

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Are you ready to take your organization to the next level of sales and customer service?

In this 2-part video series, you will learn how to go BEYOND WORDS and communicate more effectively with every customer by having deeper understanding of nonverbal communication.

This can be achieved by understanding basic body language and the difference between Encoding and decoding your own as well as your customer’s nonverbal communication.

What is the Eye Zone? How do you "Hold the Floor?" Do you have a Confident Voice? This extremely interesting 2-part DVD series covers basic and intermediate skills necessary to understand and use body language effectively in sales or customer service.

In Part One, you’ll learn the following basic body language skills as they relate to Customer Service and Sales:

  • Eye Contact
  • Eyebrow Flash
  • Genuine Smile
  • Handshake
  • Tilted Head

In Part Two you’ll move on to more advanced body language learning.

The 6 Key Nonverbal Cues For Encoding

  • Holding The Floor
  • The Confident Voice
  • Eye Power
  • The Eye Zone
  • Power Positions
  • The Curse of The Sunken Chest

The 5 Key Nonverbal Cues For Decoding

  • The Tilted Head
  • Lying or Showing Doubt
  • The Steeple
  • The Crossed Arms
  • Evaluation Cue

This program is available as a series, or each part may be purchased separately.

Purchase Includes:

  • DVD Part 1 (11 Minutes)
  • DVD Part 2 (21 Minutes)
  • Discussion Guide – Part 1
  • Discussion Guide – Part 2 X

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