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Sexual Harassment For Supervisors

Training managers and supervisors for their role in preventing and correcting harassment situations in the workplace is a critical concern for all employers. Harassment training has become a legally required mandate in some states and many others will soon follow that lead. With potential liabilities growing, it’s important to make sure everyone in a leadership position understands the importance of their actions - and their key part in eliminating harassment from the workplace.

Let’s Face It, the realistic and engaging training program concisely identifies the roles every manager and supervisor must take in:

  • Identifying harassment
  • Communicating policies
  • Documenting training
  • Handling a complaint
  • Investigating promptly
  • Responding appropriately

The potential for harassment to occur in today’s diverse and relaxed work environments has never been greater. Despite increased awareness, employees continue to "misstep" when it comes to maintaining respect regarding ethnicity sexual orientation, religion, age and many other factors. And of course sexual harassment still exists despite many years of attempted prevention.

Lets Face It provides both the information and illustrations your managers need to ensure that all appropriate steps are being taken to maintain a harassment-free, safe, and productive work environment.

A knowledgeable host leads the viewer through the key points as we follow a central story involving two co-workers in a friendship that’s creating discomfort for one. As we watch the process evolve from the initial discomfort, to the complaint, investigation and outcome, the role of the supervisor is highlighted and explained. Many other short vignettes and interviews are included to ensure that the varying types of behavior that constitute harassment are considered by the viewer. The realistic scenarios and engaging host commentary create an informative and fast-paced training experience.

Instead of having your supervisors ignore the problem of harassment in the workplace, Let’s Face It!

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  • Expanded Leader’s Guide with customizable PowerPoint X

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