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Bite-size story. Unlimited possibilities.

Using the Fish Tales programs, you will gain insight into what other companies have done to bring the principles of The FISH! Philosophy to life. 5 programs available:

  • Building Trust - Tile Tech Roofing Company
  • Jump Start - Rochester Ford
  • Peak Experience - Aspen Skiing Company
  • Sprint - Sprint Global Communications
  • Vital Signs - Missouri Baptist Medical Center

Building Trust - Tile Tech Roofing Company

12 Minutes

Welcome to Tile Tech, a roofing company based in Tacoma, Washington, which became an industry leader by truly living The FISH! Philosophy. The team members at Tile Tech have made The FISH! Philosophy a reality in their office, on job sites and in their hearts.

Tile Tech has improved teamwork, service and safety by being present, playful and committed. They have changed not only the way they work, but also the way they live. See how FISH! gave them the tools to succeed.

Jump Start - Rochester Ford

12 Minutes

Rochester Ford Toyota is a car dealership in Minnesota that had the worst record for sales and customer service in its region. Even worse, the employee satisfaction scores were so low they were almost immeasurable. Good employees were leaving in droves. But when a new owner introduced a new philosophy—The FISH! Philosophy—everything changed!

Go behind the scenes as the employees at Rochester Ford Toyota use The FISH! Philosophy to transform a divisive workplace into one of teamwork, cooperation and fun. Plus go from worst to first in their region! You’ll see how to Jump Start the energy at your workplace... and keep it revving!

Peak Experience - Aspen Skiing Company

9 Minutes

Among the majestic Rocky Mountains, ski resorts are competing on a level playing field. They all have beautiful scenery, high-speed lifts and fantastic restaurants. In FISH! Tales: Peak Experience, Aspen Skiing Company found a way to set its several resorts and more than 3,000 employees apart from the others.

Aspen’s management team introduced FISH! to the employees, invited them to participate and watched a groundswell of enthusiasm occur.

Aspen Skiing Company is seeing real results such as phenomenal growth, increased employee satisfaction and, above all, improved customer service. This FISH! Tale will show you how it’s done.

Sprint - Sprint Global Communications

4 Minutes

A few years ago, Sprint Global Communications was a different company. Call after call, day after day, the employees of Sprint slugged away in the world of customer service. Casual dress was reserved for Friday, laughter in the office was generally a no-no and employee retention was an impossibility.

Fast forward to today. Sprint is living The FISH! Philosophy. In-line skates, disco balls and renewed commitment have transformed its call centers into places where you can “hear the smiles in the agents’ voices,” and where productivity and retention jumped 25%!

This FISH! Tale will show you how it happened, how management stepped back and allowed the process to evolve and how any customer service-based organization can Catch the Energy and Release the Potential!

Vital Signs - Missouri Baptist Medical Center

18 Minutes

At Missouri Baptist Medical Center, the staff deals with emotionally difficult situations, the challenges of providing exceptional health care, and the everyday stresses we all feel. But when they introduced FISH! into the environment, they revitalized their work... and their lives!

Go behind the scenes at Missouri Baptist, where the staff learned to Be There for patients and for each other—no matter how difficult the situation. The inspirational stories from FISH! Tales: Vital Signs are the best medicine for even the worst case of workplace blues!

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