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Is Good Enough - Full Preview

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An eye-opening opener for your next team meeting.

The concept of "good enough" is at the heart of all mediocrity. It can be a creeping influence in the workplace as well. Explore what would happen if we settled for 99.9% instead of our very best.

At times entertaining, at times tragic, this thought provoking meeting opener challenges viewers to re-think their standards of quality, safety and excellence.

This program explores the 0.1% result, if 99.9% is "good enough"

- Software programs are released with known defects
- Food products are shipped with acceptable amounts of "foreign matter"
- Toys are manufactured with an eye on profit over safety

The consequences of poor quality or lax safety which may be deemed "statistically insignificance" are only insignificant to those unaffected by them.

Combining dynamic graphics, captivating music, and striking images, this motivational 3-minute meeting opener explores what would happen if 99.9% were the acceptable standard of excellence.

Is "Good" Enough? includes:

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